Why Bernie Sanders and Democratic Socialism?

The social democracy suggested by Bernie Sanders is actually 100% American!  Could phrases like democratic socialist or social democratic.socialismdemocracy mean something different than you think?

Despite media sources who paint a slanted view, Sanders has no intention to install a full fledge Socialist system.  Rather he simply suggests Socialist ideals such as universal healthcare and others while maintaining a predominantly Capitalist economy.

If anything, our current Capitalist system is beginning to lean toward Facism as corporations and Wall Street bankers take over more and more political power in the U.S.

Consider that Capitalism without Socialism does become Fascism, and Socialism without Capitalism becomes Communism.  The combination intended by Democatic Socialism is neither.

“There are two ways to be fooled.  One is to believe what is not true; the other is to refuse to believe what IS true.” ~ Kierkeguard

The term “socialism” has unfortunately decayed for some into a loaded and misunderstood buzz word.  When you hear that word socialist, what thoughts come to mind?  Do you immediately think of a communist, or a fascist or even Nazis?  Please consider a shift in perspective on that “S” word, for it is quite significant.  What Bernie Sanders advocates as ‘democratic socialism’ or a ‘social democracy’ is NOT the same as any of those other terms.

Here’s a good video explanation about how socialism differs widely with real life examples in various countries.

Socialists differ from communists in that they do not believe that the workers will overthrow capitalists suddenly and violently. Nor do they believe that all private property should be eliminated. Their main goal is to narrow, not totally eliminate, the gap between the rich and the poor.”

The only similarity between socialism and communism is this:

“Socialism, like communism, calls for putting the major means of production in the hands of the people, either directly or through the government.”



Why ‘Socialist’ Isn’t a Dirty Word ~ Bernie Sanders

Social Democracy in Scandinavia  Bernie’s version of a social democracy is very similar to Scandinavia.  There socialism and capitalism combined into a socioeconomic and political system known as “Social Democracy”.  Scandinavian countries have well paid, career track jobs; strong labor unions, free education through the university level, free medical and dental care, free or very low cost and high quality day care, public schools that educate and are the envy of the world, and retirement pension systems that allow people to retire with dignity and security. 

Social Programs – 100% American The US already HAS some “socialist” elements in place such as national parks, roads and highways, libraries, the public school system, fire and police departments.  Indeed America was first in pioneering some of these same social programs.  Democratic socialism would increase such programs to include more like them to support the basic needs of citizens.  It’s about increasing the amount of our economy that is run for the public good by the government.  In other words, basic human needs will be socialized.

bernie.FDRSocial Democrats in US History  Franklin Roosevelt is considered the greatest president of the 20th century.  When FDR took over the White House in 1933, America was in dire straits. Two straight decades of Republican rule culminating in the Great Depression had decimated what remained of the middle-class.  FDR was popular for many social-democratic programs with his New Deal initiatives.  He rescued the nation from the Great Depression to become the strongest and most prosperous nation on earth.

Bernie sounds like FDR in many ways and his goals for the US are similar.  He wants to:  tax the rich, create a single-payer national health care system, make public higher education free to all qualified students, create jobs by refurbishing the nation’s public infrastructure, and address the environment and climate change.

Another similar hero in US history was Thomas Paine, who launched the social-democratic tradition in the 1790s. He outlined plans for combating poverty that would become what we today call Social Security.  Specifically, Paine suggested a redistribution of income by way of a tax on landed wealth and property. The funds collected were provided grants for young people to get started in life and pensions for the elderly.

Wealth Distribution:  Over the last several decades, wealth in the US has been redistributed to the top 1%.    In the US our Capitalist system has resulted in huge corporations such as Monsanto and others to take over the economy and much control of government and media as well.    Under socialism, the government has a responsibility to redistribute wealth to make society more fair.  Democratic socialism is about redistributing wealth back to the working class.

About Health Care in the US:  This is a severe need for Americans who live in fear of hospital bills and the corruption behind insurance companies.  Medicaid pays only the very basics and only for those over 65.  Obamacare… has been a mess, very controversial.

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Why NOT strive to create a society where all can live without fear of poverty and sickness?10countries.wealth.socialism

Why NOT support a system that will not allow billionaire corporations, banks and Wall Street to control America and its economy?

Why NOT restore social programs and freedom to “We the People” of the United States?

Consider our rank in prosperity in the chart at right compared to socialist countries around the world. ==>

These countries have have a single payer healthcare system, high tax rates on the rich, and higher corporate tax rates.  Not only do they rank much higher in prosperity over the US, all have a much larger safety net for the poor than we do in the U.S

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