Top 10 Online Biz Challenges for Solopreneurs

One Step at a TimeIf you are an online solopreneur who faces any of the following challenges with business, you’re probably in just the right place at SoloSpark.

1) Marketing Phobia

Do you despise the idea of networking events and/or public speaking engagements?
Do elevator pitches make you feel phony? Hate terms like ‘networking’ and ‘working the room’? Here we simply refer to networking as collaborating with like minds.

2) Tribe Seeker Syndrome

Do you struggle to find this elusive tribe of a supportive network of online followers?  Struggling to build an effective list? Consider business support tribes first, mastermind groups for training and support. Working as a solopreneur might SOUND like working alone, but that’s a myth.

3) Website Worries  

Are you not feeling proud about your website copy?  Feel like the words don’t quite match your vibe?  Has your ‘Coming Soon’ page set up permanent residence? Will you struggle to create a website yourself or will you find a designer to do it for you? You might consider a combination of the two, since few solos who are bootstrappers can afford hiring out every task.

4) Big Kahuna Disorder

Do you feel like a small fish swimming in a ginormous interwebs pond?
After all, your field is already bursting with well-known legit pros.
Do you often feel intimidated often by fears that stomp your aspirations?

5) Procrastinitus and Perfectionism

Have you convinced yourself that random web surfing and maybe drinking excess coffee will somehow spark productivity?  Do you rationalize that these things take awhile, assuming that one day you will finally create the perfect copy, the perfect offers, the perfect USP, the perfect tribe?

6) Overwhelmed with Internet Overload and ADD?

Can You Relate?

Can You Relate?

This is a BIG one!  Ever feel you are near drowning in a murky sea of managing social media constant?  Have an endless list of skills to master and tech gobbledygook to figure out?  Do you struggle to stay focused on daily tasks and the process of your actions?

7) Creativity Chaos

Do you find yourself inside constant creative brainstorms yet slow to take real action?
Got bright ideas coming out the wazoo? And yet your confidence and focus hijacks their birth?

8) Online Agoraphobia

Ever get so busy with your business that you forget what’s going on in the rest of the world?
That’s what is meant by online agoraphobia – the fear of open (web) spaces.
It won’t matter much WHAT you’ve created if you do not connect online with people who need it.

9) Social Media Obsession

The obsession with being everywhere on social media can be considered the exact opposite of online agoraphobia (#8 above).
If you are always on social media sites, then when and how are you building your business?  Social media sharing may help to get your business better known, but sharing randomly for hours is just wasting time.  Strive to balance and manage social media sharing strategy with focused business building.

“Focus on productivity rather than just being busy.” ~ Tim Ferris

10)  The Shiny Object Syndrome and Internet Addiction

Closely related to information overload, this syndrome tempts you to veer off toward ‘shiny objects‘ ==> meaning hot new products and/or business opportunities that are heavily marketed online.  Many are scams and all distract from your business goals.

Can You Relate?Can you relate to these common challenges for online startup businesses? Stay tuned to SoloSpark and take a look at these productivity boosters.

Which of the above is the biggest challenge for you? Let me know in the comments and future blog posts will address that issue further.


Carolan Ross

CFO(Chief Fun Officer) at SoloSpark
Freelance writer, creative soul, solopreneur and former teacher who networks with rebels, visionaries, artists and other square pegs in round holes. I support solopreneurs with copywriting and juggling life and business to SHINE ONLINE!

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