Think Before You Link to Squeeze Pages: Infographic

Confused why EZine Articles is “cracking down” on linking to a Squeeze Page? Here’s why ezine articles allows some squeeze page links and not others. They say that in order for a squeeze page link to be allowed, it must be designed with the user in mind and contain key elements of value to build trust with readers. The page must include a high level of compelling, original content that benefits users.

OK, makes sense. However, that very term ‘squeeze page’ has always kind of grossed me out. That very word ‘squeeze’ reeks of slimy trickster marketing. It brings visions of sharks surrounding a victim.
‘Mmmm, lunch. Let’s squeeze the guts outta this one!’

Consider the irony of using phrases like ‘build trust’ and ‘effective squeeze page’ all in the same sentence, know what I mean? Geez! How’s THAT for an oxymoron, eh? ==> ‘squeeze trust’ or ‘Build trust with your squeeze page.’ I’m supposed to trust you to squeeze me? The ‘elevator pitch’ is a similar marketing term in some ways.  Many an entrepreneur carries a negative attitude toward that phrase.

Seriously, it’s apparent that EZine Articles is following Google’s lead in cracking down on slickster marketing. That forces a trend to ease up on heavy promotional language and strategies. Requirements for ‘compelling, original content that has value and benefits users’ are all good.

In the end, ‘squeeze page’ is just a familiar term for a certain type of webpage (also sometimes called the splash page or landing page). It differentiates the ‘squeeze’ from the ‘home’ page or the ‘about’ page of a website, though in some cases the squeeze page might even be the entire website.

We don’t have to squeeze so much that it reeks! The message is simple. Ease up on the promotional superlatives and focus on value and benefits under an umbrella of trust and integrity.

EZine Articles even created an attractive infographic to help get their point across, and I do love infographics! See it below.

Here is the entire scoop about linking to squeeze pages in EZine Articles. You can even grab the code at that link to use the infographic yourself if you like.

Can You Relate?Does the phrase ‘squeeze page’ ever make you cringe? Just wondering whether that is just me.
Do you publish over at EZine Articles? Use a squeeze page? Fear being squeezed by slimy sharks?
Let us know in the comments below. Thanks.


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      EZine Articles is actually a good platform for publishing. Their actions are no different from Google and the rest of the search engines. In the end it’s about bringing more integrity and value to internet marketing in my mind, a very GOOD thing!

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