The Magic of Pinterest

Pinterdicted (def.) Addicted to Pinterest.  YOU?

Pinterdicted (def.) Addicted to Pinterest. YOU?

Pinterest is a social media tool that’s totally image-based.  It allows you to view specific categories and to create your own collections of images in categories that interest you.  It has grown dramatically in popularity and can be an effective tool to spark traffic to a web page when used wisely.

People use Pinterest to bookmark ideas, tutorials, products or strategies they want to remember.  The bookmarks are saved as images on ‘boards’ in whatever categories the user chooses.  Given that Pinterest is so highly image-based, having really great product photography encourages pinning, especially when you have quality unique content.  Stats do indicate that quite often these pins do result traffic and in sales, a big motivator for business.

However, avoid the mistake to use Pinterest primarily to self promote your own products or services.  Would YOU want to ‘follow’ someone who covers the board with “buy me’ links?    Effort to interact is wise, to comment and also to follow others users who have similar interests to your own.

Pinterest is my favorite among social media sites.  I love the visual aspect and the creativity, the ways to connect via images.  I’ve been playing in that playground off and on for many years and enjoy it.

Focus on making social media both effective AND fun.

Focus on making social media both effective AND fun.


You might feel that devoting time to yet another social media site is a task you do not want to embrace.   That’s understanding in the midst of an avalanche of information overload.  Once you create a few ‘boards’ and establish a presence at Pinterest,  a session of 15 minutes a few times per week can have far reaching results.

Also you can use automated social media tools and methods to encourage others to pin your site content that can make a HUGE difference in traffic and engagement on your site or blog.

Here’s a helpful video for learning to use Pinterest with smarts.


Pinterest – Of all social media choices, Pinterest might be considered MOST effective.  See why in the infographic below.

26 Very Pinteresting Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]
DashBurst – The Content Social Network

Are you Pinterested?  BEWARE =>  Some are addicted.  YOU?   Find me on Pinterest!

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