Avoiding Online Business Opportunity Scams

Along with high interest in online business opportunities, there’s also been large growth in online scams. If you have interest in making money online,  there are ways to do so with integrity and professionalism.  Unfortunately the slicksters who rob people with scams are the dark side.  Here you will find some red flags to watch […]

Internet Business Sale: Getting Priorities Straight

Beware of offers for an internet business-in-a-box website all set up and ready for you to just drive it. Why?   Many good reasons are outlined below. Sure you’d rather skip the learning curve of how to build an internet business.  So many new to online marketing are wanting a piece of that make money […]

Sour on Empower Network

After hearing about the Empower Network a few years ago,  curiosity killed this cat.  One cold January day I drank the Empower Network kool-aide, and within 24 hours it left a bitter taste in my mouth. This article is about the reasons why I promptly quit and what I chose to do instead. What makes this […]

Confessions of a Former Digital Sharecropper

Publishing online using free web platforms can become a severe drain on productivity. The time and effort involved in creating a webpage can be lost if the site owners decide to impose massive and abrupt changes. Just as sharecroppers did not own the fields they worked in everyday, online publishers on free sites (digital sharecroppers) […]

Should you Publish on Squidoo?

Squidoo is a popular free web publishing platform that’s simple to learn without having high tech skills. Started in 2005 by Seth Godin and his team, Squidoo has enjoyed huge growth and ranks highly in Google and other search engines. A Squidoo page is not a full website but rather a single page focus (called […]

Internet Marketing Reviews: Biased VS Legit

Most ‘internet marketing review sites’ have a hidden agenda.   Their agenda is to sell you on something else, and they may not even have any experience with whatever you came there to learn about in their so-called review. Be alert to sites that offer reviews about some popular X product, person or opportunity, then end […]