Why New Year’s Resolutions are Like a One Night Stand

Have your New Year’s resolutions ever been like a one night stand? Seemed good at the time and yet vanished quickly? Lots of people have regrets and hang-ups about making them cause they vanish so quickly. Ever feel like even stating resolutions is just setting yourself up for failure? Ever treated ‘resolutions’ like a random […]

Innovative Business Plans for Creatives with Art Journals

Innovative business plans for creative minds

Innovative and creative minds need artistic alternatives to traditional business plan templates. Linear models operate from traditional business concepts that often just don’t resonate for creative minds. Still a solid business plan is key to success for artists who intend to earn a living primarily from their own creations. These unique alternative business plan templates […]

Three Powerful Productivity Boosters for the Online Microbiz

Distractions are constant for the online solopreneur. Staying focused on goals might be a huge challenge for you because you are faced with an endless stream of internet input daily. Boost your productivity with methods proven to improve focus. Multi-tasking is tempting, but in the end does more harm than good. Studies show that while […]

Laser Focus, Goals & SOS

Do you suffer from ‘Shiny Object Syndrome'(SOS)? The ‘Shiny Object Syndrome‘ (SOS) refers to the tendency to abandon current projects in favor of some hot new online opportunity, tool or program. Most of us who work online do get attacks of that syndrome from time to time. For example, one day this new keyword research […]

Do Your Goals Embrace Change?

Most traditional goal planning is virtually meaningless in the avalanche of changes our modern world delivers. Forces like technology and social media call into question everything we believe to be true about the way business operates. What we see and accept as reality today often changes in the blink of an eye. Strategy for setting […]