Selling Amazon FBA: State Sales Tax and Nexus Nightmares

The challenge of tracking sales tax for online purchases is highly controversial and ridiculously complicated.   New legislation requires online sellers on Amazon, eBay, Etsy and other similar platforms for remote sales to collect sales tax at the time of each transaction. Are you an online seller who finds state sales tax issues and Nexus […]

Amazon FBA Sales Training with the PAC from Jim Cockrum

The PAC (Proven Amazon Course) was designed by Jim Cockrum as the first training program ever published for those wishing to sell on Amazon.  Cockrum has been highly respected online for many decades with a strong following. The PAC includes input from a wide variety of successful Amazon merchants.  You’ll find a wide variety of […]

Learning Resources for Amazon FBA Sellers

New to being an FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) merchant on Amazon?   Here you will find links to helpful resources for those new to selling on Amazon as a merchant using the FBA Selling Program.   I collect helpful links for FBA sellers here and update them whe I can. More posts about selling FBA listed […]

The Controversy of Amazon Nexus Laws and Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing with Amazon has taken the ax in many states in the US, as a result of Nexus Laws.  Update:  As of January of 2015, 15 states have now been dumped the right to affiliate with Amazon.  Many affiliates have suffered a HUGE drop in income due to these laws. Have the “powers that be” […]

How to Find Deep Discounts at Amazon

Do you love shopping on Amazon is the largest online retail outlet. Imagine being able to search amazon for the deepest discounts that are available today on any product category you choose. Who doesn’t love finding deeply discounted pricing on your favorite items? The tool below makes that search easy and fast! You can […]