Powerful Tools for Managing Social Media in Less Time

Can you imagine doing all of your social media tasks effectively in just an hour a WEEK?
Social media has grown dramatically, and that popularity is now noticed by search engines.   SEO has shifted to give higher rankings based on social media sharing.  SO even if you are already using social media, timing is perfect to focus and sharpen up quick and effective ways of social sharing.     One of those ways includes the time-saving tools below.


Can You Relate?

Can You Relate?

Social media sharing includes:

  •  Share buttons (like, recommend, tweet, bookmark, etc.)
  •  Connect buttons (Like a Facebook page, Follow on Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.)
  •  Google Plus! (if you are a writer, get google authorship!)
  •  Social commenting on blogs, facebook, etc.
And if you are like me, you are thinking…
 but that takes so much TIME!
Social media CAN be a time guzzler, for sure.

Thanks to my friend Jackie, my goal is to spend about an hour or so a week on social media.  An hour a week!?  Yep, the secret is about  using a time saving tool called Hootsuite.   Do you Hootsuite?

 What is Hootsuite?

Time Saving Tools = SMART!

Time Saving Tools = SMART!

It’s a popular social media management tool.  I find it to be one of those tools that once you’ve used for awhile, you wondered what on earth you ever did without it!    It really helps to organize all the input, to turn down the noise of social media and focus on just those topics and people who are important to me.  It allows me to segment the input to categories, to schedule posts, shorten links, and do quick searches.

Jackie created a great Hootsuite video tutorial that takes you through the process of using Hootsuite step by step.   Watch the tutorial to get the most out of this handy social media tool.  By the way, you can try it out free.  Yes, Hootsuite does offer a free option.  Later if you really like it and decide to upgrade to get even more features, you can do that for only $8.99/month.


Another social media tool very similar to Hootsuite is called Buffer.  Buffer helps manage social media in many of the same ways as Hootsuite.  You can schedule posts and organize data, shorten links and more.  There’s a free version as well as an upgraded pro version available.  My friend Jo has created a delightful tutorial, so go see the review from Jo Barnes about Buffer.


Hootsuite and Buffer are very similar social media management tools, and both offer a free version as well as updated versions for less than $10/month.  If you’d like to see a detailed review that offers details about each of them to help decide which one is best for you, you can find that here.


You might find that having all of your relevant social media on one screen helps you focus because it organizes categories and posts all in one place – no need to login at several sites.  I also love the built-in link shortener, another task that used to require me to go login elsewhere.
Do you feel overwhelmed with social media?  Have you found tools or strategies that make social sharing online to be less time-consuming while still being effective?  Please share your experience below in the comments.

Carolan Ross

CFO(Chief Fun Officer) at SoloSpark
Freelance writer, creative soul, solopreneur and former teacher who networks with rebels, visionaries, artists and other square pegs in round holes. I support solopreneurs with copywriting and juggling life and business to SHINE ONLINE!


  1. says

    So glad you found my Hootsuite tutorial helpful, Carolan! It’s a fantastic tool. (I’m a big fan of Buffer too – a tutorial on how to use it will be coming up in a few weeks 🙂

  2. Flo Bradley says

    I need to use these time saving tools more. I used to use Hootsuite but stopped. Sometimes learning the tools seem overwhelming, but in the end, they will save time.

    • says

      Isn’t that the truth? Each new tool brings with it a learning curve. If you set side the time (to save time) and watch Jackie’s Hootsuite tutorial, you’ll find that she really covers it well. Then it’s a slight change in habits to go to Hootsuite regularly rather than to each social media site. Once you get that down, it’s gravy. Worth it!

    • says

      Thanks Natalie. Yes I do try NOT to overwhelm as I know that can be a huge roadblock. The video tutorials are about using Hootsuite and Buffer are also short and sweet.

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