Internet Business Sale: Getting Priorities Straight

Do you want to be a sharecropper?  Or an owner?

Do you want to be a sharecropper? Or an owner?

Beware of offers for an internet business-in-a-box website all set up and ready for you to just drive it. Why?   Many good reasons are outlined below.

Sure you’d rather skip the learning curve of how to build an internet business.  So many new to online marketing are wanting a piece of that make money online pie, and so we see offers for an internet business for some low price like $25/month.  Are you in the market for such an internet business sale?


For many of these companies, it’s like buying a store with no control over what is sold there or how the store is run.   You pay the rent and you control only the marketing & advertizing (and pay for that too – a LOT).  You also pay for your own purchases of whatever is sold in the store.

One day if the owners decide to begin selling some new crazy product inside your store, there’s nothing you can do about it.  It will automatically be loaded on ‘your’ website. And you’ll likely end up buying that too, even if you honestly think it is silly or of no use to you.  You’ll see why below.

You may feel good that you finally have ‘your own website’. But IS it?    It is in the sense that you pay for it, but you have little to no control over it. Is that really what you want?

Meanwhile unless you have purchased every single product on the site, then you’ll be wasting marketing dollars.  Because if a website visitor buys something you haven’t bought yourself, you will not earn a dime from that sale.

That’s their ‘powerline marketing’ system at work, and it does work!   If you did not buy, it gets called a ‘pass up’ sale.  You’ll feel the pain of missed sales and be pressured to buy in on every product.  That will get expensive.

While such systems DO work for some people, the question is whether that is how you choose to do business. I had a rough time accepting this kind of ‘business’ and knew for sure I couldn’t recommend it.

Always retain your freedom of choice.  You’ll have to find ways to drive traffic to this site and to sell these products, even if you hate them or do not find them particularly valuable.  Would you still recommend them if your income did not depend on the sales of these products that you never chose to sell? If you really owned the website, no one but you would have this control.

Everything you do online lends to your reputation or your ‘brand’ – so how does that ‘business in a box’ apply to you personally?   It doesn’t, at least not in any positive way – because you are simply franchising someone else’s brand.  Even if you bought into a McDonald’s or Taco Bell franchise, you wouldn’t be forced to eat everything on the menu in order to get a paycheck.

Reputable affiliate marketers will ONLY recommend products that they own and use.  I certainly do – this is just good business sense.   The big difference is that I buy (and recommend) ONLY products I like and use – not because I was pressured to do so or else make no money!

The Empower Network is the latest to the scene raising a stir with this kind of ‘business-in-a-box’ setup.   A few others who’ve been around a bit longer but are very similar include the Internet Income University and Plug-in Profit.  I’ve tested all three of them, joined out of curiosity and then quit after I saw the real story.

That market (for companies such as those in bold above) is saturated.  The internet is flooded with a hungry avalanche of people desperately trying to sell these ‘internet business systems’.   The reviews are filled with such hype and spam that Empower Network was even banned from Facebook!

Those who do jump out of the gate making money with such systems tend to be seasoned marketers who already have a large following.  Despite the hype to the contrary, it is a lot harder for those new to internet business marketing to even get traffic to such sites, let alone buyers.  So they resort to buying leads and other forms of paid advertizing.

In an interview with eight successful startups about their secrets to making it online, not ONE of them cited paid advertising as key in their success.

These online business in a box systems are nothing but replicated websites, copied countless times over!  Search engines will not deliver any organic traffic.  So then paid advertizing with leads and such will be the name of the game.  Getting traffic to the site will be tough.   Conversions are tougher.  They will not tell you that.


The problem with many sources is that they are way too limited. They only provide one piece or a small part of the puzzle.  Eventually you’ll find yourself stuck on the next step.

Avoid paying for programs that are not presented in a step-by-step sequence, one with ongoing support.  You need a place to ask the inevitable questions that come up as you build.

Part of my passion for publishing here is to save others from struggles that may likely end up being a dead end. The intent is to show the real picture, the pieces of those ‘internet business in a box’ type opportunities that hide in the shadows, the parts not easy to learn without investing a significant amount of both time and money.

Online reviews of these internet businesses sale opportunities tend to be all the same, because they’ve been created by affiliates competing for sales.

Short cuts usually aren’t.   If ‘get rich quick’ were true, then everyone would be doing it. Still there are if you’d prefer to focus there.

Ever get caught up in a ‘short cut’ online that ended up being a waste of time in the long run?



Carolan Ross

CFO(Chief Fun Officer) at SoloSpark
Freelance writer, creative soul, solopreneur and former teacher who networks with rebels, visionaries, artists and other square pegs in round holes. I support solopreneurs with copywriting and juggling life and business to SHINE ONLINE!


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    Funny you should mention Empower Network. This was recommended to me, but as soon as I watched the videos and looked at the site, I realized this was not for me. Thanks for your post.

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    Thanks for a wonderfully informative post, Carolan! There is no shortcut to success, as much as Internet marketers would like us to believe. When I first opened my online business in 2009 I was guilt of shiny object syndrome and spent way to much money and time trying to find a way to make things happen faster. Now I know it’s about building relationships (it always has been) and it takes time, effort, sacrifice and tenacity to make it in the online business world. I’m a true believer in marketing to a specific niche, becoming an expert in that area, and serving this demographic above and beyond. It’s so crowded out there in cyberspace, yet I don’t believe there’s a shortcut to breaking through the noise.

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