How to Edit Pictures Online Free for an Image with Quotes

Want to create your own picture quotes for use online? It’s easier than you think, really…and I’m no techie. You can even brand them with your website name (like the image at right), and make your own quote picture free!

Do you search for royalty free web images to use on your blog, Facebook, Pinterest or other social media? A much better option is create your own image with quotes using free edit photo software. Sharing unique images gets attention, and you can increase web exposure by personalizing an image with your name or website.

Images with quotes are VERY popular online, and it is quite simple to create your own with these free picture editing sites. The sites featured here are devoted to exactly that ->
for creating web graphic images from your favorite quotes.

You can use your own images OR choose from a wide selection of backgrounds. They are even connected to social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest, so that you can share directly from the site with one click. If you plan to use the image on your blog or website, then do remember to download with a right click on the image.

Let’s look at some possibilities for an image with quotes you can create with free edit photo software:

1) Pinwords

Growth is an art.  Let's START!

Growth is an art. Let’s START!

You can use one of the backgrounds provided by Pinwords OR you may upload your own image as a background. I used one of my own images for this one. There are four backgrounds and six themes at Pinwords to choose from, and you may also choose font styles and colors.
Choose your text style, type your text and click the Pin It button. You can share it on social media or send the image via email direct from the site. If you want to use it on your blog or webpage, just right click on the image and save it to your computer.

2) Quozio

Anais Nin QuoteQuozio offers the widest selection of backgrounds for your quote image. There are about 40 backgrounds to choose from for image quotes, so if you want lots of choices for image quote backgrounds, then Quozio is a great resource.

Quozio also offers a free bookmarklet you can download to your computer for quick and easy access to this free edit photo software.

3)  Quotes for Fun

This one includes a large archive of quotes in case you do not have one of your own to use.  Very handy and simple to use.


4) Pinstamatic

There are six styles and fonts to choose from for image quotes at Pinstamatic. That’s not as many templates as the sites above, but the templates they do have are unique and attractive – more than just a blank square. Also the additional options at Pinstamatic for free picture editing are truly amazing!

LOOK what else you can do with Pinstamatic!

Twitter ProfilePrepare to fall in LOVE with Pinstamatic!
You can create images with quotes, make sticky note reminders, and …
<==even a Twitter profile image!

Pinstamatic provides a seemless connection to Pinterest.
Create image quotes, click, done!

Remember: In order to use the image on your blog or webpage, save the image to your computer with a right click.

Additional features at Pinstamatic include free tools that allow you to create:
*sticky notes
*a web page screen shot
You can even share music tracks at Pinstamatic with Spotify.

TAXES done!  Feed the IRS.

TAXES done! Feed the IRS.

Want to feature a date on a calendar?
This template is all ready for you. Simple! ==========>

Future posts here at SoloSpark will feature even more creative ways to edit pictures online free. We’ll review proven powerful ways to use images in social media, so do sign in for weekly updates at the top right of this page.

Want a sneak preview of even more free edit photo software? Then just go to You will find even more ways to edit photos free along with samples and tips. I began doing this years ago and find that I truly enjoy it. So I’ve created a few web pages that feature the best websites for free photo editing.

<<======Here's a branded image I created in

goldfish.dare.different.solospark … and here’s another DIY branded image. =>
You can create your own quote picture and/or DIY branded image – much more effective than simply using stock images.

Online content is NOT just text.
Images are considered content too by our friend Google!
Learn to create your own unique images to make the most of your online content AND learn ways to optimize your images for the search engines.

Did you know you can also create your own logos free? Also headers, buttons and more graphics. Go straight there to DIY web graphics free OR see explanations and examples of what you can create here

Have you ever used any free edit photo software to make your own quote picture free? Think these free picture editing sites might reduce the need to search online for royalty free web images? Can you think of some really creative uses for these free image quote tools?
Please comment below.


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      Thanks Leanne. Yes Photoshop is a primo image tool, however many do not own it nor want to invest the time to learn how to use it. For them, these resources are perfect alternatives to Photoshop.

      The tools featured on this post are made specifically for quote image graphics. There are many more free tools for making the most out of images that I love to use and feature them with samples and tips at

  1. says

    Thanks for sharing these tools, i have not heard of either one. Pinstamatic seems really cool. can’t wait to try it out. I have been using Pic Monkey they have lots of meet tools on their site to get unique image. Also, love the calendar. Thanks!!

    • says

      Yes, for a long time I’ve I’ve used other free photo editing sites (PicMonkey & Piccy, etc.), but just were found these recently. So simple to use and they are made specifically for quotes, love that!

  2. Mina Milburn says

    Thank you, just what I was looking for! Between Pinwords and Pinstamatic I should have all I need for quite a while.

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  4. Olu A Banjo says

    hey Carolan, thanks …. great information, just what i needed. Also i wanted to ask u. I am writer and a spoken word artist. I am blessed with words and i love putting text on images. i am really interested in being a copywriter. Can u please point me along the right direction. Thanks….

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