Media Narratives Contradict and Censor Themselves

For those willing to analyze beyond the status quo media narrative of the Florida shooting, this is for you.  It might only resonate to those willing to invest time in actually reading, clicking links, analyzing and considering how it all connects in an open-minded manner.   That this dreadfully tragic event happened is a given, and yet numerous questions remain unanswered.  Below is a comprehensive review and context worth consideration.

The extensive research in this post was not created by the owner of this website, but is saved here with huge respect to that author.  Nearly 40 links to more information are included, making this perspective quite well documented.  Many of the links are from mainstream media, some of which have since been suppressed or censored.

This is a list of organized and relevant links put into categories around the Florida shootings along with brief context to help your own review. I would urge people to examine the footage/interviews/timelines/stories for themselves. Before I present the links, I would like to address what is happening in terms of smear and censorship of those who are attempting to review information and questions discrepancies/contradictions/omissions/fallacies within the official story. There are many serious issues with the official story to the extent the media’s own information/interviews/official documentation disproves their own narrative. This is not just a few anomalies or a few people differing over details of the event or the natural confusion that would occur during such a trauma. This pervades every aspect and detail of the story.
I would encourage people who are confused over the event to please review the documentation itself. It is simply not true that people objectively reviewing information are all ‘conspiracy theorists’, ‘right wing extremists’, or ‘gun freaks’. It is also not true that because we review information and find evidence that the official story is not accurate that we believe EVERYTHING is a conspiracy theory. That is a very convenient means of dismissal that allows one to disregard legitimate evidence through the rejection of the person presenting it.
I would note that in every story the media has ever manipulated the public on, they have ALWAYS smeared anyone who challenged the deception in real time as ‘conspiracy theorist’. This tactic is old, worn, and it should get the public’s antenna up when they hear the term resurrected. Also, I would also point out that many people will wholesale dismiss legitimate evidence and documentation before even examining it because they have already concluded that it is too far out of the realm of what could happen or be possible that it simply can not be true or that another explanation would just be simpler. I would note that concluding something can not be possible without looking at strong evidence that indicates it very likely IS not only possible but IS occurring is NOT a refutation of that evidence. It is a dismissal of it without examination of it. There is evidence to address every one of the questions that would cause you to understandably voice doubt, but there is no answering questions when people are not even open to looking at the information. So I will start with some general information everyone should have before looking at the specific information we have in the Florida Shooting:

First, and foremost, listen to Naomi Wolf, a former advisor to Clinton/Gore on staged events:

Second, people very understandably would wonder how any event could possibly be staged or coordinated on such a large level. I have heard many times that ‘too many people would know’ – ‘too many people would have to be in on it’. So I would first like to point out that the infrastructure and law for these events to occur IS in place. And, the very first piece of information that you have to know is that Congress made it legal to propagandize and commit psychological operations against the US citizenry in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012……/defense-bill-legalizes-us-pro…/

I am not going to reiterate all the information provided in these links. It is imperative to read them for yourself. I am just pointing you where to look to find deeper understanding here.

As to the the infrastructure that would be required for a staging/false flag/simulated event to be passed off to the public as real, I will refer you to a few pieces of information that you would need to know and hopefully review. Let’s start with a 71 page FEMA guide that details protocol for simulated events including media, social media coordination (including filming) with directives with participating actors and coordination with localities before plugging in other pieces:…/20130726-1914-25045…/hseep_apr13_.pdf

This guide was published three days before the Boston Marathon Bombing

Additionally, after the passage of the 2012 NDAA, an entire crisis industry was created with the founders having connections to powerful political campaigns/individuals, former military backgrounds, and connections to the US states and international governments – here is a video outlining some of these agencies which are mainstream known and documented. These crisis agencies provide individuals with security clearance and actors trained in psychology:

More links (more links also in video description):

Crisis Industry has sprung up in wake of this legislation:
Crowds on Demand:…
Wikipedia page w many links to articles on MSM
Founder is a political operative who worked on Jerry Brown’s California campaign:
Crisis Cast & Affiliates (NGOS, Security Agencies, Governments around the world):

ADS affiliate of crisis cast:…/security-policing-2018/ Oh – they TOOK THE LINK DOWN – but here are two other links to their participation in this closed GOVERNMENT security initiative so they can have access to the most senior policy decision makers.…/exhibitors-list-20…/
Here’s what Exhibition gets you access to in this closed event: (you guys gonna take down all your advertising too). Unreal

Photo of type of targeted branding they provide:

This one is especially creepy. The Crisis Cloud. Ugh:…/

Pattern of ads from these companies occurring in locations before large scale tragedies:…/why-was-crowd-hire-company-recr……/crowds-on-demand-recruited…/
Police seeking power to detain preemptively based on social media postings and allowing teachers to carry concealed weapons:

Now, the existence of the infrastructure, protocol for simulation events by DHS/FEMA, and even the existence of the crisis agencies as of themselves do not prove their use in any given event. Each event itself has to be examined to see if there are legitimate red flag signs indicating simulation staging. These links do show that there is infrastructure in place to simulate realistic large scale disasters on nearly any scenario that one could envision to mimic real life experiences and coordinate and film with the media in place. We also known in at least one case a shooter for a major event was a CLIENT of a Crisis agency.

It was recently revealed that the world’s largest security firm G4S, who had employed the man named in the Orlando pulse nightclub shooting, Omar Mateen – is a client of the mass casualty staging company called CrisisCast.
(this is Vanessa Beely’s site)…/casting-crisis-orlandos-actor…/

So, now, with some very basic background info – let’s move onto looking at the information around the Florida event. Let’s start off here tying into another commonly cited reason that a mass staged event or false flag could not possibly be true and frame it through what one Twitter respondent quoted to dismiss wholesale information I was giving in a tweet:

“Three may keep a secret if two of them are dead.” – Benjamin Franklin

Clever right, and it makes sense. How on earth do you keep something that HUGE a secret. Well, the answer is you don’t. In Florida we have numerous students, teachers, and parents who have given information that completely go against the official narrative. Multiple students stated right in interviews seen on national media that there was a simulated drill planned for the day of the shooting. Additionally, they provide details where they state how they were TOLD that it was going to be made realistic. Links are below, but to summarize quickly, they stated they were told ‘police were going to use blanks, screams, take people away. One girl stated ‘we were told to go outside and start shooting up’. They also report multiple shooters on the scene and describe scenarios completely different than what the media tells us. What is truly breathtaking about this is that the media will show you one of these clips and then go on with a narrative that goes outside what they JUST showed us. And, people don’t even notice. Its a cheap parlor trick. Nothing more. So, here, watch these interviews from the media with the actual students and this time LISTEN to what they are saying not what the media TELLS you they are saying….The video where I share all this evidence put together is here, the links to sources are also in the video timeline:


Florida Shooting: Mainstream Media Disproves Their Own Story Through Their Own Evidence

First, here is a CNN transcript documenting student’s report. You will see this interview in the compilation of the second link which includes a compilation of these reports:

BALDWIN: And did you think instantly oh, my God, those are gun shots or did you think it was balloons popping as one student told me? And how would you even know what it would sound like?

DIETRICH: I thought it was a drill because they TOLD US you will have
police officers who are going to be firing blanks like scare us, get us like, you know, trained for this. So no one took it seriously until I heard like screaming, the worst screaming you will ever hear:

Video link that includes this clip & with other examples:


Part 1 & 2:…/status/963943287672451072…/status/963943752258682880

Girl reported she was walking down hall with an unarmed Cruz (after fire alarm reported by multiple media sources pulled at 2:30 after official timeline has Cruz gone):
(many of links are on twitter because youtube keeps taking them down)
Here is a person presenting as a teacher who reports that he thought it was blanks because he was told of Code Red Drill earlier in the day:…/ap_select-florida_teacher_i_lo…

Ok, so now we know the MSM will go with a narrative that contradicts what their own interviewed witnesses testimony counter. How else do they control evidence against what they are telling us? Well, mass censorship. Videos that contradict official stories are removed on copyright/policy violation/bullying harassment/graphic content on youtube. Live streaming ability is taken away. In the wake of Florida not only was there a mass takedown of content videos; there was a mass channel takedown on ‘violations’, some removed without Youtube following their own warning system and user agreement. When I covered Vegas shooting in Octorber, I had my live streaming privilege revoked for three months for sharing publicly available information around a victim in the context of a news story. Since Florida, I have not been able to access my live streaming ability on Youtube, either it won’t load to start a stream or it throws me off the feed. My tech and connections are fine on other sources.

When I was interviewed on another live streamers feed, they cut off our feed in the middle of conversation. He stated he was informed it was on another content video that was pretty typical for his channel on a subject that he talked often on without previous issues. And, the public largely ignore these removals because the media tells them that they are ‘conspiracy theorists’ ‘far right wingers’ or ‘gun nuts’. Myself, I was a Democrat up until 2008 and served on local boards and was a two time state delegate and ran for delegate for Bernie Sanders. I was a Green after that until I came to the conclusion that the political/election process is so corrupt/usurped it would be a better use of my time to speak about this corruption than engage in party politics. I am not a Trump supporter. In any case, you don’t really support free speech if you are cool with it if it happens to people you disagree with- that will come round to bite you on the butt when you try to speak out and it is deemed to threatening to the existing power structure. The interviews don’t just expose there was a simulated event that indicate was implemented based on the statements of the student witnesses (there is more evidence to back that – we will get back to that). The witnesses describe movements, shooter description, and timeframes outside official timelines where shooter would even be located on campus.

Lastly, and again, they actively demonize and smear anyone who tries to bring the information to the public. There is no means to communicate this information through official channels. Those seeking to provide or even examine evidence outside the officially santioned channels are shamed, smeared as conspiracy theorists. Unfortunately, the public who has been shamed and manipulated by these tactics, not only comply but join in so as to separate themselves as ‘reasonable’ and ‘NOT crazy’. The number of ‘alternative’ news sites that parrot the official narrative unquestioned enable and strengthen the demonization of those seeking to help the public get important information around these events. There is also the significant issue of alternative media outlets that aren’t really independent but seeded by the same sources as the mainstream media themselves so as to diminish the credibility of truly independent individuals and media seeking to feed an open source investigation. It is no wonder the public is confused because the disinformation is spread on multiple and seemingly conflicting sources. It is possible to negotiate this but it requires an understanding of how the process of public disinformation process works and the multiple levels in which it operates.


Now to the timeline and other discrepancies. Shooting duration is reported as three minutes with a seven minute total presence within the school (this is filed in court papers and stated by Sheriff Israel himself). Cruz is reported to be dropped off in an Uber (there has been no media identification of driver and very little mention of this in media beyond just reporting the drop-off). Three people were reported killed outside the scene with identification of locations by Sheriff Israel himself. Official timelines omit the shootings of any individuals outside of the building and only provide details of Cruz entering the building with his gun in a ‘soft black case’. Additionally, the official release of movements do not include the three individual allegedly killed outside the school. The story makes no logical sense in several ways. Cruz was reported to having been carrying gear (gas mask, smoke bombs, rifle, countless rounds, helmet, witnesses describe full body gear, metal face mask). That is a lot of equipment to carry in an Uber unnoticed. No Uber driver id. Official police report with victims killed outside with no inclusion of outside shootings in timeline of this event. Let me reiterate that – the three victims who are killed outside are NOT accounted for OR included in the official story. That entire portion of the event has been memory holed and the timelines all include the shooting starting inside the school. That is not a small detail (links to all of this are below). Sheriff Israel reporting that Cruz carried gun into school in a soft black case and dropped his rifle before leaving school. It makes no sense that is Cruz did shoot three people outside that he would place his rifle back in bag. And, if he didn’t have his rifle when he left building he could not have shot people afterwards. Also, there is the time factor. There is not enough time to don full gear, set up rifle, commit three shootings, place rifle back in bag, remove rifle, set up rifle again, put on gas mask, deploy smoke bombs and cover two floors in three minutes. Additionally, we are now told by different police departments that there was four armed officials on scene at the time of shooting although official timelines document police arrival 20 minutes after Cruz allegedly fled and 9/11 calls document that they didn’t receive notice of shootings until 2:23 p.m. Also, some students report the presence of officers while gun shots are going on, even though they are not reported on scene inside building until after event was over. We also have learned that the security camera was on a 26 minute time delay (it was not live) with no officer response until 1/2 hour later (despite learning they were on scene). Radios were also not working

The arrest report details no details of event in timeframe or sequence of events. It indicates a 2:23 911 call – two minutes after alleged arrival with officers now known to be reported on scene DURING event and official timeline having them arriving AFTER THE FACT. Also the report states that the officers still did not allow medical personel to enter until they cleared the scene (they didn’t get there until after 20 minutes until after it ended). This has been reported by numerous medical people reading report as against protocol. Also arrest reports stated that he committed act (no alleged) – lots of really off things. This is an arrest report of someone who supposedly just killed 19 people, it has no sequencing of events, hardly any specific information, and is shorter than most minor car accident reports. The court has since sealed the documents to the public.…/0v9jUOd9LoEZrK73n7…/story.html

Here is video of Sheriff Israel reporting of the three deaths of the students that do not appear in timelines:…/bso-17-dead-in-marjory-stoneman-douglas…/…/fl-sb-florida-school-shooting…

Four armed deputies reported to not enter school while shooting occurred. This is coming from numerous sources including CNN. Here Fox News report (they report that radio communications went down as reported in the other links here if you don’t trust Fox – same way they went down a year ago in Ft Lauderdale Airport Shooting) – but what Fox doesn’t point out is that the 911 call coming in at 2:23 and officers are already there but official timeline only have them on scene 20 minutes after shooter reported gone: Pretty stunning:…/broward-county-deputies-not-en…/

This has CNN report:…/breaking-cnn-reports-four-browa…#

Local News Media Report:…/fl-florida-school-shooting-re…

Timeline with police response arrival time:…/how-florida-school-sh…/344040002/

Here is suppressed video of Sheriff Israel advising his officers to run and hide during shooting events. I kid you not:…/

Shooting duration of three minutes was filed in court papers and stated by Sheriff Israel. This information is quickly becoming archived. Another way they take the details out of public eye – put it down the memory hole:…/school-shooting-lasted-3-mi…

Above research collected by Debbie L also known as  ‘The Sane Progressive’

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