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amazon.FBA.solosparkIf you are new to Amazon FBA sales and want a step-by-step top notch training course, consider Jessica Larrew.   The ABC  (Amazon Boot Camp) training is very organized and sequential, with each single step shown in detail.  Unlike other trainings, this one gets updated and improved regularly!  Very important, as Amazon policies and procedures change over time and you don’t want to get bogged down with outdated advice.

Jessica is soft-spoken and patient.  She does not just TELL you but will SHOW you in detail exactly what you need to do, step by step on video lessons with screen shots – “click here, now click there”, very specific and focused!   I found that her professional teaching style ranks far above and beyond that of any other training available.  See more about why below.

Teaching involves a LOT more than knowledge, and selling Amazon FBA is NOT easy! More than knowledge, you need someone with real teaching talent, someone who can and will break a complicated process down into very clear steps. Jessica has it! She leads through professional video tutorials with screen shots that direct you patiently through each and every step of the process.

“What I like about Jessica’s course over others is that she lays everything out in a logical, sequential, and organized manner. No stone is left unturned. She covers it all and makes it clear and easy to understand. Also, Jessica keeps adding new videos and training to the course materials to keep us updated. Questions are always answered and she and her team of pro’s are a positive and inspiring group. Jessica really cares about your success and is a fantastic mentor.”   ~ Donna Rod

Each tutorial is short and focused. You can get clarity on each step and review without having to search among long detailed videos, as they are titled and indexed by specific skills in the process. Site navigation is clear and easy to follow. I appreciate Jessica’s calm voice and specific direction that include ‘click here, now click there’ kind of steps for each part of the process.

As a former teacher. I know there’s a HUGE difference between being good at a something and being able to teach that skill well. Teaching is a talent, one that cannot be assumed just because one is good at any X skill.

Ever watch kids play sports and have to listen to their coach rant and rave from the sidelines?  Maybe even yelling criticism and calling names?  I have.  Maybe that coach even played pro ball and/or might be considered an expert athletically – but obviously knows nothing about teaching.   Same goes for business trainers… some might have been quite successful, but that by no means transfers to the talent of quality teaching.

Here’s another example… I’ve always had this crazy craving to learn to play the drums. Yep, and this guy I know agreed to teach me.  I was SO excited. This guy is a phenomenal drummer – one absolutely gifted musician who has played since he was a young kid.  He’d never taught drumming, but was willing.  Know what he did? Grabbed the drumsticks and banged like crazy, then handed them to me and said “your turn”. Are you serious?  Having a skill does not indicate knowing about teaching it, not at all.

Many may have skills but Jessica is the lady who not only has the skills, but has incredible talent to TEACH.  She breaks the process down into small segments and presents them patiently in a highly organized and meaningful way.

It doesn’t end with the training videos either.  Along with the tutorials you get lifetime access to a private online network where you may go and ask questions 24-7.    Unlike some other groups, you will not find sarcasm or negativity of any kind – absolutely not allowed.  The group is very active and focused.  Often you will get many responses to questions or concerns within minutes – A+ ongoing support, every day.

The Larrews

The Larrews

“Cliff and Jessica are the epitome of “internet lifestyle business!” They have molded their lives to enable them to spend every day with their son while also having the flexibility to go on vacations and/or day trips as they see fit! Jessica and Cliff are real world examples of the “American Dream” and luckily for you they are willing to share their secrets with you! I couldn’t endorse them more highly!”   ~  Rob Anderson

Jessica and her husband Cliff work from their home office full time while raising their son.  They team with their growing network of Amazon FBA sellers on a site now referred to as ‘The Selling Family’.

“I appreciate that unlike some other FBA training programs, there is no fluff nor silliness, no cracking jokes and annoying loud laughter.  This is a serious training program, not efforts to entertain or impress.  It’s highly organized into short and very specific video segments, so you can go back and review just the parts you need over time rather than having to sift through an avalanche of info.   I appreciate that the training is kept up to date as Amazon policies change.   New video tutorials are added regularly as needed. PRIMO!” ~  Carolan Ross (me)

In addition to the basic training for the basic process of selling Amazon FBA, Jessica offers tutorials on specific topics that may be of interest to some sellers.   Many sellers have benefitted from  very focused trainings offered such as:

Grocery Goldmine
Online Sourcing Strategies
Christmas Hot Toy List Strategy Guide & Video

For example, some sellers are interested in certain categories of sales more than others.  Also some who have already been selling awhile appreciate options beyond the Bootcamp which is best for complete beginners.   The smaller and very specific courses above might meet those needs best.

Visit the Blog Direct to get a feel for her professionalism and clarity to see if her style might resonate with your needs.

Also if you go ahead and take a peak inside the Amazon Boot Camp now, you will get access to THREE  free quick start video trainings to help you decide whether this might be the best training for you.  


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