Why JAAXI for Keyword Research

Considering a keyword research software tool?   One that is simple to use and yet gets great results?

Among the most popular paid tools for keyword research are Market Samurai, Jaaxi, Keyword Elite and Micro Niche Finder. After reviewing all of these, I bought Micro Niche Finder during 2011.

However the set-up can be tedious and time-consuming. Such stand-alone software that you have to install on your computer tends to come with a variety of headaches, first with downloads & installation processes but also there tend to be compatibility issues later on with the wide variety of hardware on a PC.  Also you can only use the software on the computer you downloaded to, so that can be limiting if you use more than one machine.

If I’m going to pay for a tool, I want it to SAVE time – not cost me in hours of setup and frustration.

Meanwhile late in 2011 I began hearing rave reports about Jaaxy on some online networks. So I gave their free trial a shot and wow! What a difference! No complicated setup at all! Just drop your niche keyword idea into the search box and GO! Smooth!

Benefits of Jaaxy Keyword Search Software:

  • USER FRIENDLY! My absolute favorite advantage to using Jaaxi is that it is user-friendly to the MAX! Forget long learning curves and software set-ups. Jaaxi is SO simple to use. You’ll have a good list of keywords in your niche within a couple of minutes, literally. Or else you may find that the niche/keyword is not recommended. Either way, you’ll get some solid data in a snap. Jaaxi makes keyword research SO simple, a piece of cake!
  • Jaaxy is perfect for affiliate marketing! This keyword search software is perfectly optimized for use by affiliate marketers in that it offers specific data about affiliate programs competing with that keyword and offering products designed to target it. You can click straight to them from right within the system. There’s a tab that will show you affiliate programs related to your keyword. You’ll find affiliate brokers like Clickbank, Commission Junction, Zanox, Digital River and others. No need to even look elsewhere, it is all integrated.
  • Jaaxi gives reliable and comprehensive data. Even though Google is still the king of search engines, it doesn’t stop there. Jaaxi also searches Bing and Yahoo to deliver a much wider view of the market. Also, instead of just giving you estimates on keyword searches and a vague rating about how competitive a phrase is, Jaaxi integrates more specific dynamics.  Proxy servers return a truer search of exact website competition with no annoying ‘captcha codes’ needed ever!
  • ‘Keyword List Management’ right within the system. It’s simple to save lists within Jaaxi and update them as you find new data. I rarely even print these lists out anymore. Instead I just login to Jaaxi regularly and work on my lists within the system. Do you prefer data sorting offline on your own spreadsheets? No problem. Jaaxy allows quick exports of your keyword data as .csv or .txt files. Keyword research is an ongoing activity since supply and demand for terms do often fluctuate over time. The Jaaxy system makes it quite simple to update various keyword lists over time with a couple of quick clicks.
  • Search Results Simple to Browse Quickly  As soon as the screen pops up you can browse the 4th column (Keyword Quality Indicator) which is color-coded:  Green = GO! a strong keyword with good potential. Yellow/Orange = Proceed with Caution. Red = Stop, because either the keyword is too broad or a huge number of websites already exist using that keyword. This color-coded visual allows you to browse and pick up needed data quickly.
  • Mobility Built IN! You can use the online Jaaxy SEO Keyword Tool from your iPhone and iPad, on the train or in the park, anywhere!  Login anywhere, you’ll never be restricted to one computer in order to use Jaaxi.
  • Video Tutorial Series & Tech Support  Videos with simple steps with screen shots and examples are yours when you need them, which won’t likely be often. Jaaxy is so simple to learn, you simply cannot get lost. But these quick tutorials are a perfect introduction or refresher. Technical Support – no need to worry about that. Jaaxy is both maintained and hosted by the vendor, who makes sure the system is up and running at any time. Updates are automatically integrated. You do not have to do a thing.

More Benefits: Favorite Tabs inside Jaaxy Keyword Tools Analysis

  • The “Competition” tab: This ‘competition’ tab refers to video and article websites. So clicking this tab tells you whether an article from sites such as StreetArticles, EzineArticles, or Squidoo is in the top 10 search results for your keyword phrase. You’ll fnd similar information for videos. Is any video from youtube, vimeo, etc. in the top 10 listings in Google? You can get a report on all these sites at once quickly and then possibly use them in some related way to boost traffic and SEO.
  • The ‘Related terms’ Tab:  You’ll find a list of related search terms on the left side of each search screen. Often there’s a term or two in there that proves to be quite helpful, without having to do anything at all but browse the list. It’s simple to browse quickly and allows for fast workflow. Just click any ‘related terms’ tab to search it and results appear in seconds.
  • The Jaaxy “Brainstorm” Tab: Ever searched hot trends on google or yahoo or hot trending topics on twitter? Imagine getting this kind of hot topic data from a variety of sources in just one click! Yep, the ‘brainstorm’ tab delivers the top 20 for Google Hot Trends, Yahoo Buzz, Twitter Tends, Alexa Hot Topics, and Amazon Best Sellers all on one screen. Click the plus sign next to any item and add it to your own custom brainstorm line-up so you can fire off another Jaaxy keyword analysis on the spot. The ‘brainstorm’ tool is a great way to get a quick view of the pulse of internet activity on any given day. Not sure what to write about? Click brainstorm and see what topics are hot today. Maybe you’ll think of a way to attract some of that traffic.
  • Domain Search Tab: Integrated Within Site. Wondering what domains related to your search term are available? Just click ‘domain search’ within the search screen and Voila. Simple! There’s even an entire section inside Jaaxy about domain flipping if that’s your bag.
  • Detailed Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). In one click from your keyword search result, you can spy on the competition without leaving the site. The SERPs data from Jaaxi shows the top ten sites in rank for your keywords. These are the sites you will compete against for that same keyword or phrase.

Consider how much time your keyword research costs you. How long does it actually take to find high demand keywords with low competition, to research competing websites, search a domain name and browse affiliate programs? Jaaxi is a dream with all of these tasks in one fully integrated system.

Still using the free google search tools?  The google keywords tool is actually an Adwords Keyword Tool. It is designed primarily for Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisers and only shows a hint of the PPC advertisers’ competition. You may need more, like the actual number of websites that compete for a given keyword or phrase. You may come to a point when you realize that keywords and SEO are so crucial to your online success that you’d benefit highly from more accurate data.

You know that keyword research is crucial for traffic and SEO but it can be confusing and frustrating.   Keyword research used to be SO time-consuming.  I often felt lost in the dark of how to interpret a huge amount of seemingly random data.  But when I found Jaaxi, I felt as if I’d been let out of keyword jail!   Seriously, I was thrilled to finally find a strategy that makes this simple.  In fact, I not only do not dread keyword research anywmore, since Jaaxi I actually rather enjoy it.  I enjoy improved traffic and SEO to my pages as well.

My favorites about Jaaxy:

1) Color Coding! My eyes tend to cross staring at long lists od data.  The colors help to only look at the parts that might help me.

2) Web-based = NO downloads!

3)  It’s fast and so much easier to use that it actually makes keyword research FUN!  I used to dread that chore til I found Jaaxy, then found myself playing around in there for hours…sometimes just search random keywords that come to mind while watching TV.

You even go play with Jaaxi for free if you like.  Just click the link below to get 30 keyword searches for free.  Discover whether Jaaxy might be the right tool for you and play around with this favorite keyword tool for free.



Jaaxi allows 30 free keyword searches for guests who’d like to test drive this powerful keyword search software tool.

Test drive Jaaxi FREE!


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