Internet Marketing Reviews: Biased VS Legit

Most ‘internet marketing review sites’ have a hidden agenda.   Their agenda is to sell you on something else, and they may not even have any experience with whatever you came there to learn about in their so-called review.

Be alert to sites that offer reviews about some popular X product, person or opportunity, then end with some statement like…”here’s what we use” or “here’s what we’ve found to be better.”

Below is the only source of reviews that I recommend. It is actually a review site dependable for unbiased reviews (mostly anyway) that does not allow affiliate links.

Now with over 60,000 members and thousands of reviews, Internet Marketing Report Card is growing strong.

Legitimate reviews are VERY rare, nearly impossible to find.  For several years now, I have used this review site called Internet Marketing Report Card.  Most of the time have I found it  helpful, in some cases disappointing but in general much better than most.  You can go straight there at the link above or find a more detailed review here.

I don’t agree with all of their reviews nor consider the site to be perfect by any means.  It seems they were much more careful about filtering the input for quality when the site was new.  Members are asked not to comment unless that have had first hand experience with X review, yet they allow a lot more of that now.

Still this review site is worth note for these reasons:

1)  Use the search box to find ANY person, company, product or service that is well-known in the world of internet marketing.  If it is popular in IM, it will be there.  Members can also submit newer companies for review.  They use a minimum Alexa ranking to screen review requests, so very small companies without much traffic yet will be declined.

2)  No affiliate links allowed.  This keeps the site from being overly promotional and less biased than the other review sites.

The site owners do affiliate now with some of the companies that are reviewed there.  I found this quite disappointing, but they do work very hard to keep a quality site up-to-date so there’s nothing wrong with being compensated for that.  I’m more concerned with their affiliate choices in some cases and the ways they’ve obviously relaxed rules in those cases.

Also members might have links in their signatures but affiliate links are not allowed in the reviews themselves (except for those cases where the site owners have affiliate partnerships).  They do not openly discuss these affiliate partnerships, but it appears obvious that they’ve partnered in at least a handful of cases with companies featured on the site.

3)  Read the comments for a wide variety of perspectives from many different people, rather than just one.   Keep in mind that a lot of people are commenting only to get their signature file in there, hoping you will click it and join them in their biz op.

Those who do take the time to submit details of a negative experience are particularly helpful.  Unlike the droves of positive comments (followed by signature links) those who state real concerns in detail have nothing at all personally to gain from that.   It is in no way self-serving.  I’m not talking about arrogance or name-calling sarcasm – that is not helpful nor professional.

Specific facts and details about dealings with a company or person are quite helpful to let others know about.   That’s how online communities such as this one help to keep the internet free of scams and trashy sites.

In a few cases there are thousands of comments, and not one of them is negative (Chris Farrell is one example).  I find that significant and do agree 100%.

Membership is free, a good thing yet many who are brand new to internet marketing are posting reviews there lately.  For the most part I’ve found this happening in connection with one particular company who is encouraging all of their newbies to go there and give them a boost.  A person new to internet marketing and just joined a company is not considered a qualified reviewer.

At first glance one company is showing up high in rankings, but that was manipulated.  I was a member for awhile at the Internet Income University, and found many ‘red flags’ that told me to avoid this company, regardless of the high rankings there.  I found the Empower Network to be a very similar story.  One offers an internet business for free (???) and the other offers a business that supposedly “anyone can do” for only $25.  NOT!  Proceed with great caution.

So with that caveat, go visit this internet marketing reviews source and grab yourself a free membership.   It’s worth it  for mostly unbiased real reviews from real people (without affiliate links – they are not allowed) about anything related to internet marketing:  people, companies, products, tools, or business opportunities.

I’ve been a member at IMRC for several years.  There are some perks for helping to grow the membership there, but it is not monetary.  They have a point system, where members can use points for things like an entry into a sweepstakes or traffic at a banner ads site.

If you do go there, look for Carolan.  That’s my name there and my pic looks like this one.  Carolan Ross

I’ve commented on several areas there where I have had personal experience.  Members have the opportunity to assign a grade to each person, company or service reviewed along with comments.   I’ve submitted comments and grades for around 20 items reviewed there.  Some of these include:  Chris Farrell (A+), Jim Cockrum (A), Internet Income University (D), Empower Network (C), USANA (B), Mike Filsaime (C), Kelly Stone ‘The Squidoo Queen’ (A) and SBI (A).

I try to note both pros and cons and for that reason have never laid an F grade on anyone.  The grade is not as helpful as the detailed information anyway.   In a few cases I learned more later that might have altered the view but you cannot edit reviews there.  Once submitted, it is done.

Do you research online looking for unbiased internet marketing reviews?

Have you found reliable sources for factual reviews that are not sales promotions?

Please comment below.  Thanks.


Carolan Ross

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Freelance writer, creative soul, solopreneur and former teacher who networks with rebels, visionaries, artists and other square pegs in round holes. I support solopreneurs with copywriting and juggling life and business to SHINE ONLINE!


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    Thank you so much for sharing this site! I have spent too many hours wading through pages of search results and looking for reviews that are not promotions. Ah! This is a consumer’s best friend.

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