How to Find Deep Discounts at Amazon

Do you love shopping on Amazon is the largest online retail outlet. Imagine being able to search amazon for the deepest discounts that are available today on any product category you choose.

Who doesn’t love finding deeply discounted pricing on your favorite items? The tool below makes that search easy and fast!

You can choose your favorite items either by category or by entering a keyword. Then select a discount level (50%, 75%, 90%, etc.) and search. Current discounted items will immediately appear.

If very few or no items appear, try a lower discount number. For example, if nothing shows up for 90% off, then try searching with a lower discount number, like maybe 75%.

Amazon has grown so huge that you can find most any kind of product there. So far all of my searches have revealed at least some discounted items, and I’ve used this tool a LOT, had a blast recently spending my gift card (image).

Try it. Give the Amazon deal finder tool a whirl below.

[zondiscountfinder keywordsearch=”yes”]

Do you have a website where you might want to offer this same Amazon deal finder tool to visitors?
It is offered through JV ZOO and is called Zon Discount Finder.
It works as a WordPress Plug-in and comes with excellent videos for simple installation and activation.

There’s also hot new specials offered at Amazon daily in the Goldbox.
Check out deals in the GOLDBOX today!

Do you search deals on Maybe you have a story about a great find.

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  1. Bonnie Gean says

    Wow, this is a NICE thing to have! The partner and I shop at Amazon all of the time and knowing where to find discounts is certainly a Godsend. Thanks for sharing the tool!

  2. Jocelyn Kelly says

    I didn’t know I could do this. I’ll look for discounts and bookmark your post. Thanks!

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