How to Change the World

How to Change the World is an eye opening document that first explores a hard look at our reality, then follows with a pragmatic discussion of what we can DO about it.   Small actions X lots of people = big change.   Change begins with awareness and consciousness.

OOPS ... Think Twice!

Proud of the ways we’ve evolved?

If we all took a moment to simply view the world as it IS, the evolution of our species would happen overnight.  ~ Elina St. Onge

The “How to Change the World”  document examines questions asked about our world with in depth views as to why things ARE the ways they are.  For example, have you ever wondered about some of the following questions?

  • Do conventional belief systems leave you with a load of questions?
  • What real possibilities exist beyond our current systems?  
  • What can individuals DO to create meaningful change in the world?
  • Can humanity begin seeing the world through new eyes?
  • What IS our true nature and purpose on this planet?
We the People

“As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world, but in being able to remake ourselves.” ~ Ghandi


Images and related videos add to the context in ways that take complex ideas and make them simpler to understand.  It takes a lot of information that has floated around and ties it all together for a simple yet in depth explanation of how our world systems actually work.  While some may not be able to relate to some of these concepts in scattered form, seeing them in context of the big picture makes it ever more meaningful.


This brilliantly written and eye-opening document created by Elina St. Onge includes discussions about science, religion, politics and theory mixed with personal growth in a way that is no-nonsense yet easy to read and inspiring.   It is written in a way that takes complex topics and makes them easy to comprehend.   It’s worthy of discussion and inquiry as a piece that forces changes in thought paradigms.


Click here to read “How to Change the World” 




 I alone cannot change the world, but I CAN cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples. ~ Mother Teresa

Everyone wants to change the world,

yet few will do the work to change themselves,

to BE the change we wish to see. 

Will YOU?

Read this free document and allow yourself to think on it.  

Then if it resonates, share it.  

Ripple created.


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