Two Ways Ghostwriting Can Benefit the Online Entrepreneur

Those who navigate the time-sucking vortex of internet marketing know the frustrations. Even after some solid successes, maybe you’ve found that the income is usually sporadic while the bills continue to roll in monthly like clockwork. Ghostwriting can be a perfect vehicle for the online freelancer as an honest way to earn while you learn to develop your own online business.

1) Ghostwriting projects can result in money in the bank tomorrow!
One problem with people who are new to making money online is the need for money NOW. Many are not financially stable, and have been swooned by promises of ‘get rich quick’ by con artists. They’ll end up in a financial bind without another income. Trying to learn while you’re desperate and broke and panicked? That often results in bad decisions about which path to follow and which person to trust.

While there’s a lot to love about the idea of developing passive and residual income, the truth is that it’s tough and takes considerable time to build. Many quit long before they arrive, mostly due to lack of effective training and strong networks. They’ve been led to believe in words like “turnkey” and “automated” – lured by marketers promising easy boatloads of money from a ‘business in a box’ type of offers.

Maybe you’ve wondered about other avenues to earn income between clients. Or maybe you need to find honest ways to earn while you learn about internet marketing, to supplement your income with related projects. If you already blog and/or do your own website copywriting, then you likely have the basic writing skills to do well as a ghostwriter.

2) Ghostwriting in your niche can provide a front row seat to learn from your competition, and get paid for it!
Very few marketers do it all. Successful online business launches require the integration of so many roles such as: product creation, article marketing, blogging, social media strategy, creating autoresponder campaigns, joint ventures, etc. Most marketers may CLAIM they do it all themselves, but it’s simply not true – except in a few rare cases.

That’s where ghostwriters come in. Usually marketers start out writing for themselves until they get a bit of seed money to invest in outsourcing. Many don’t like writing or would simply prefer working on the other aspects of online marketing. They may prefer generating ideas, forming joint venture partnerships or other roles.

So they come to you, the ghostwriter, with money in hand, begging you to write for them. They tell you their niche, spill the beans about which keywords are most profitable for them, and they map out exactly how their launch is going to unfold by giving you a list of their needs in terms of: the autoresponders, the viral reports, the main product, the bonus items, articles, etc.

This is the best kind of mentoring you can get – because not only are you NOT paying for this information (they’re paying YOU), but they’re also FORCED to be 100% honest with you because you’re working for them and they can’t lie about their niche and other vital details or you won’t know what to create for them!

Learning to be a Ghostwriter from the Best

There are some who are genuine about helping people learn how to make a living online. One is my friend Tiffany Dow, a brilliant woman from Texas. She got her start as a ghostwriter many years ago, and later became known as the ‘ghostwriter to the gurus’. Tiffany is clearly the “GO TO” most reliable source of learning how to succeed in a role as ghostwriter.

I’ve learned from Tiffany’s courses in the past in other tutorials she’s created related to Squidoo and also have used some of her PLR (Public Label Rights) materials. I’ve learned over many years to respect her work and for those interested in learning about Ghostwriting, there’s simply no better source.

I’m finding this Ghostwriting Cash Course to be one of her best tutorials yet. She gets straight to the point, takes you step-by-step through process with NO fluff! Each module includes video as well to reinforce each step.

Have you ever done any Ghostwriting? Ever heard of Tiffany Dow? (She recently divorced, and just changed her name back to Tiffany Lambert).

Maybe you’ve had similar experiences as an online freelancer who earns from multiple streams of online income. Many writers in my online networks run blogs as well as sell on eBay and/or Amazon.

Freelancers often earn from affiliate partners as well as personal clients. Most have their own projects developing in the background in the juggling act, maybe eBooks, webinars, tutorials, etc.

Multiple streams of income is simply part of the lifestyle. Is it that way for you? Please shout out below in the comments.

Carolan Ross

CFO(Chief Fun Officer) at SoloSpark
Freelance writer, creative soul, solopreneur and former teacher who networks with rebels, visionaries, artists and other square pegs in round holes. I support solopreneurs with copywriting and juggling life and business to SHINE ONLINE!


  1. Demosthenes says

    I would love to be a ghostwriter, but I fear my niche is very small and I’ve yet to find a good forum to meet others where this could even be approached as a possibility. Maybe one day though, To achieve great results, you have to dream big, right?

    • says

      Having a very small niche can be a GREAT business aspect. Tt makes it much simpler to get targetted traffic AND to learn who your competition is. You might find a related niche that interests you in the meantime. Ghostwriters don’t all stay within just one niche.

  2. says

    Ghostwriting definitely seems like something that deserves much more research. Thank you for this article, I’m going to look into this some more!

  3. Leanne Chesser says

    Very cool. I’ve heard of ghostwriting but I never considered it as an income stream. Thanks for the awesome info!

  4. Leah Kalamakis says

    Handy info- I have a friend that is a ghost writer and brings in some nice side income. Tons of sites out there that need ghostwriters!

  5. Gwynne Montgomery says

    Thanks for this article! I’ve been bouncing around ideas for supplementing my income while getting my business going. I took my full-time job down to part-time, which still pays the bills, but doesn’t leave room for much else.

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