Creating Compelling Content: Infographic

Ever rack your brain about topics for content on your blog? Most bloggers do suffer from writer’s block now and then. Maybe you feel the pressure to whip out a blog post and feel caught in a crossfire. Consider investing time to ‘sharpen the saw’ when it comes to the crucial skill of content marketing.

The visual power of infographics has become quite popular. I even saw a blog comment that read: ‘Infographics are the new webinar.’ I’m not thinking they’ll ever replace webinars, but infographics surely work as a compelling way to get the point across.

This infographic below from Copyblogger is a blogger’s Bible! Brian Clark also includes code for the infographics he publishes, making it easy to share them on your own site. Thanks Copyblogger.

22 Ways to Create Compelling Content - Infographic
Like this infographic? Get more content marketing tips from Copyblogger.


I’ve been testing some online tools that allow you to create your own infographic. is one I really like, simple to use and free.

Interested in learning how to use Gimp to create your own infographics? Here’s the scoop on that…

How to Make Infographics using Gimp


What do you think about using infographics such as the one above to convey content in a more powerful way? Please comment below.


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    I find that I often feel like I have writer’s block. I think the stress sets in, because I know there are a ton of ideas out there. Or sometimes, I go in great doing a couple blogs a day to schedule then bam….nothing! I have some favorite ways that are listed on the info-graphic – examining my favorite posts, brainstorming with others, having a guest writer, and I have used info-graphics. I’m new at using them, and think they’re great to share with viewers. I have noticed that I come up with some great ideas while on a walk, or driving. When the mind is open, you can come up with some great ideas. That’s an awesome info-graphic, full of great information. Thank you,
    ~ Jodene

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    what a great post I have been working on using infogram but I haven’t quite got the hang of it yet. Infographics are a great tool to have though when blogging!

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