Amazon FBA Sales Training with the PAC from Jim Cockrum

The PAC (Proven Amazon Course) was designed by Jim Cockrum as the first training program ever published for those wishing to sell on Amazon.  Cockrum has been highly respected online for many decades with a strong following. The PAC includes input from a wide variety of successful Amazon merchants.  You’ll find a wide variety of […]

Amazon FBA Training with Jessica Larrew

If you are new to Amazon FBA sales and want a step-by-step top notch training course, consider Jessica Larrew.   The ABC  (Amazon Boot Camp) training is very organized and sequential, with each single step shown in detail.  Unlike other trainings, this one gets updated and improved regularly!  Very important, as Amazon policies and procedures change over time […]

Innovative Business Plans for Creatives with Art Journals

Innovative business plans for creative minds

Innovative and creative minds need artistic alternatives to traditional business plan templates. Linear models operate from traditional business concepts that often just don’t resonate for creative minds. Still a solid business plan is key to success for artists who intend to earn a living primarily from their own creations. These unique alternative business plan templates […]

How to Tame the Social Media Monster and Boost Productivity

Stuck in a social media traffic jam? Does social networking suck up your time? It can be a jungle out there, yet social media management is a MUST for a successful online business. Activity on social media networks can be the turning point, the lynch pin that stimulates traffic and conversions. Managing several social media […]

Two Ways Ghostwriting Can Benefit the Online Entrepreneur

Networks work!

Those who navigate the time-sucking vortex of internet marketing know the frustrations. Even after some solid successes, maybe you’ve found that the income is usually sporadic while the bills continue to roll in monthly like clockwork. Ghostwriting can be a perfect vehicle for the online freelancer as an honest way to earn while you learn […]

Powerful Tools for Managing Social Media in Less Time

Can you imagine doing all of your social media tasks effectively in just an hour a WEEK? Social media has grown dramatically, and that popularity is now noticed by search engines.   SEO has shifted to give higher rankings based on social media sharing.  SO even if you are already using social media, timing is […]

Three Powerful Productivity Boosters for the Online Microbiz

Distractions are constant for the online solopreneur. Staying focused on goals might be a huge challenge for you because you are faced with an endless stream of internet input daily. Boost your productivity with methods proven to improve focus. Multi-tasking is tempting, but in the end does more harm than good. Studies show that while […]

Affiliate Marketing Strategy

What is affiliate marketing? Put simply, it’s like being the middle man between buyers and sellers. You recommend products or services, and if visitors click through those links and buy, then you earn a stipend for that sale. WIN-WIN! The customer is happy to have found a product or service to fulfill a need. The […]

Internet Business Sale: Getting Priorities Straight

Beware of offers for an internet business-in-a-box website all set up and ready for you to just drive it. Why?   Many good reasons are outlined below. Sure you’d rather skip the learning curve of how to build an internet business.  So many new to online marketing are wanting a piece of that make money […]

Do Your Goals Embrace Change?

Most traditional goal planning is virtually meaningless in the avalanche of changes our modern world delivers. Forces like technology and social media call into question everything we believe to be true about the way business operates. What we see and accept as reality today often changes in the blink of an eye. Strategy for setting […]