Playing the Google Game as a Search Engine Evaluator

google search testing

Ever heard of making money online with a company called LeapForce?   They hire people as independant contractors and the work is about helping google collect online data.  Besides Leapforce, there are other similar companies like Lionsbridge,  Butler Hill and Work Force Logic.   Depending on the company, this work of google raters might be […]

Copywriting, Keywords and SEO: Is Keyword Research Dead?

If you’ve invested in website keyword research strategy, recent changes made by Google might feel like a direct hit.   Search engines fluctuate over time and yet strategies for learning how to write using keywords for SEO have been popular and effective for getting organic traffic.   The recent Google change in search engine algorithms  is no small fluctuation. […]

Why JAAXI for Keyword Research

Considering a keyword research software tool?   One that is simple to use and yet gets great results? Among the most popular paid tools for keyword research are Market Samurai, Jaaxi, Keyword Elite and Micro Niche Finder. After reviewing all of these, I bought Micro Niche Finder during 2011. However the set-up can be tedious and […]