Future Trends for Startup Business

When considering a startup business, recent research trends are worth note because they reveal predictions for best odds for success given the direction you choose. Research data predicts long-term survival rates for various startup businesses in an interesting infographic below titled “What’s the Chance a Start-Up Business Will Fail?“ Predictions are made in terms of […]

Why Solopreneur is a Myth

Networks work!

As a solopreneur you work FOR yourself, never BY yourself. That’s an important distinction in a healthy business mindset. Solopreneurs need networks and support. Times when my productivity soars tend to coincide with collaboration with like minds within active networks. Without that inspiration and think tank of forward thinking, our thoughts and activity can become […]

Is Learning New Technology EASY?

Struggling with learning about an online microbiz? Oh MY but there are many skills involved with technology and social media, eh? You are likely quite skilled in other areas and yet finding it frustrating to get a handle on this process and all the different skills and strategies involved. I get that. In fact, this […]

Internet Business Sale: Getting Priorities Straight

Beware of offers for an internet business-in-a-box website all set up and ready for you to just drive it. Why?   Many good reasons are outlined below. Sure you’d rather skip the learning curve of how to build an internet business.  So many new to online marketing are wanting a piece of that make money […]

Laser Focus, Goals & SOS

Do you suffer from ‘Shiny Object Syndrome'(SOS)? The ‘Shiny Object Syndrome‘ (SOS) refers to the tendency to abandon current projects in favor of some hot new online opportunity, tool or program. Most of us who work online do get attacks of that syndrome from time to time. For example, one day this new keyword research […]

Do Your Goals Embrace Change?

Most traditional goal planning is virtually meaningless in the avalanche of changes our modern world delivers. Forces like technology and social media call into question everything we believe to be true about the way business operates. What we see and accept as reality today often changes in the blink of an eye. Strategy for setting […]

Confessions of a Former Digital Sharecropper

Publishing online using free web platforms can become a severe drain on productivity. The time and effort involved in creating a webpage can be lost if the site owners decide to impose massive and abrupt changes. Just as sharecroppers did not own the fields they worked in everyday, online publishers on free sites (digital sharecroppers) […]

Priorities & Big Rocks

Here’s a short inspiring story for when life gets stressful.   There are a few versions of this epic inspirational story about the big rocks and the jar.  The original version was made famous by Stephen Covey in his title “First Things First”.   In one version, golf balls were used to depict our big […]