How to Change the World

How to Change the World is an eye opening document that first explores a hard look at our reality, then follows with a pragmatic discussion of what we can DO about it.   Small actions X lots of people = big change.   Change begins with awareness and consciousness. If we all took a moment to simply view the world as it […]

Do Introverts Make Better Solopreneurs?

Contrary to popular opinion, introverts are NOT shy, anti-social, moody nor depressed.  Most introverts want NOT to BE alone, but rather to be LEFT alone.   They want important people in their lives and to have some level of a social life.  They just tend to prefer smaller groups over crowds and need the space to escape now and then from […]

Solopreneur Survival Kit

Ever seen this clever survival kit idea idea. Seems a perfect collection for the solopreneur who is working toward a successful online presence. The online solopreneur is a rare breed, and maybe best understood and appreciated particularly by others in the same lifestyle. It takes real passion to stick with it sometimes, and also a high […]

Why New Year’s Resolutions are Like a One Night Stand

Have your New Year’s resolutions ever been like a one night stand? Seemed good at the time and yet vanished quickly? Lots of people have regrets and hang-ups about making them cause they vanish so quickly. Ever feel like even stating resolutions is just setting yourself up for failure? Ever treated ‘resolutions’ like a random […]

Innovative Business Plans for Creatives with Art Journals

Innovative business plans for creative minds

Innovative and creative minds need artistic alternatives to traditional business plan templates. Linear models operate from traditional business concepts that often just don’t resonate for creative minds. Still a solid business plan is key to success for artists who intend to earn a living primarily from their own creations. These unique alternative business plan templates […]

The Diary of an Elevator Speech Dropout

If you don’t have a polished ‘elevator pitch’ you might feel like the odd one out at a traditional networking event. When asked, “What do you do for a living?” do you have a ready answer? A quick ‘elevator speech’ that’s clear and concise? A well composed elevator speech might have the moxie to hit […]

The Internet, Your Brain and Information Overload

Has the internet effected the way you think? Do you suppose your memory and thought processes have become altered due to the time you spend on the internet daily? Nicholas Carr thinks so. He recently published a highly rated book called The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains Carr points out the […]

Top 10 Online Biz Challenges for Solopreneurs

If you are an online solopreneur who faces any of the following challenges with business, you’re probably in just the right place at SoloSpark. 1) Marketing Phobia Do you despise the idea of networking events and/or public speaking engagements? Do elevator pitches make you feel phony? Hate terms like ‘networking’ and ‘working the room’? Here we […]

Avoiding Online Business Opportunity Scams

Along with high interest in online business opportunities, there’s also been large growth in online scams. If you have interest in making money online,  there are ways to do so with integrity and professionalism.  Unfortunately the slicksters who rob people with scams are the dark side.  Here you will find some red flags to watch […]

Three Powerful Productivity Boosters for the Online Microbiz

Distractions are constant for the online solopreneur. Staying focused on goals might be a huge challenge for you because you are faced with an endless stream of internet input daily. Boost your productivity with methods proven to improve focus. Multi-tasking is tempting, but in the end does more harm than good. Studies show that while […]