List of LEGIT Alternative Media Sources

  Media has become more of a drama theatre much more so than actual journalisn nor free press.  Decades ago, there were more than 60 organizations who owned the media.  Today media is owned by a handful of corporations who dictate what is reported as “news” to American people.  Very few prominent media sources exist anymore that […]

Top Secret TPP NOT about Trade

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is maybe the most important yet most misunderstood legislation you likely never even heard of. And if you DID hear about it, maybe you thought it was just ‘some little trade deal’… in reality the TPP has little if anything to do with trade.  TPP = 29 Chapters in all and of them […]

Why Bernie Sanders and Democratic Socialism?

The social democracy suggested by Bernie Sanders is actually 100% American!  Could phrases like democratic socialist or social democracy mean something different than you think? Despite media sources who paint a slanted view, Sanders has no intention to install a full fledge Socialist system.  Rather he simply suggests Socialist ideals such as universal healthcare and others while maintaining a predominantly Capitalist economy. If […]

Why Bernie Sanders for US President 2016?

Bernie Sanders has sparked a loyal following quickly among Americans despite his bold stance on controversial issues in the US.  He boldly confronts corporate corruption from billionaire bakers and Wall Street and many Americans are cheering that action.    Many in the U.S. have been fed up with corruption for so long, and find his bold stance and […]