How to Tame the Social Media Monster and Boost Productivity

Stuck in a social media traffic jam? Does social networking suck up your time? It can be a jungle out there, yet social media management is a MUST for a successful online business. Activity on social media networks can be the turning point, the lynch pin that stimulates traffic and conversions. Managing several social media […]

How to Find Deep Discounts at Amazon

Do you love shopping on Amazon is the largest online retail outlet. Imagine being able to search amazon for the deepest discounts that are available today on any product category you choose. Who doesn’t love finding deeply discounted pricing on your favorite items? The tool below makes that search easy and fast! You can […]

Free Content Marketing Library

Imagine a content marketing library resource that allows you to make money for simply SHARING content from the library. Most of us share information and images regularly on social media. What if you could do the same but earn income from an online library that serves as an online referral program? Sound interesting? I think […]

How to Edit Pictures Online Free for an Image with Quotes

how to create quote graphics

Want to create your own picture quotes for use online? It’s easier than you think, really…and I’m no techie. You can even brand them with your website name (like the image at right), and make your own quote picture free! Do you search for royalty free web images to use on your blog, Facebook, Pinterest […]

Confessions of a Former Digital Sharecropper

Publishing online using free web platforms can become a severe drain on productivity. The time and effort involved in creating a webpage can be lost if the site owners decide to impose massive and abrupt changes. Just as sharecroppers did not own the fields they worked in everyday, online publishers on free sites (digital sharecroppers) […]

Should you Publish on Squidoo?

Squidoo is a popular free web publishing platform that’s simple to learn without having high tech skills. Started in 2005 by Seth Godin and his team, Squidoo has enjoyed huge growth and ranks highly in Google and other search engines. A Squidoo page is not a full website but rather a single page focus (called […]

Internet Marketing Reviews: Biased VS Legit

Most ‘internet marketing review sites’ have a hidden agenda.   Their agenda is to sell you on something else, and they may not even have any experience with whatever you came there to learn about in their so-called review. Be alert to sites that offer reviews about some popular X product, person or opportunity, then end […]