Selling Amazon FBA: State Sales Tax and Nexus Nightmares

The challenge of tracking sales tax for online purchases is highly controversial and ridiculously complicated.   New legislation requires online sellers on Amazon, eBay, Etsy and other similar platforms for remote sales to collect sales tax at the time of each transaction. Are you an online seller who finds state sales tax issues and Nexus […]

Amazon FBA Sales Training with the PAC from Jim Cockrum

The PAC (Proven Amazon Course) was designed by Jim Cockrum as the first training program ever published for those wishing to sell on Amazon.  Cockrum has been highly respected online for many decades with a strong following. The PAC includes input from a wide variety of successful Amazon merchants.  You’ll find a wide variety of […]

Amazon FBA Training with Jessica Larrew

If you are new to Amazon FBA sales and want a step-by-step top notch training course, consider Jessica Larrew.   The ABC  (Amazon Boot Camp) training is very organized and sequential, with each single step shown in detail.  Unlike other trainings, this one gets updated and improved regularly!  Very important, as Amazon policies and procedures change over time […]

Bundling Inventory on the River: UPC Codes & FBA Sales

Need to know how to create UPC codes for selling bundles of inventory on Amazon?  Rather than selling one item at a time, there are many advantages to listing bundles or multipacks of items for sale on Amazon. A multipack is simply a listing for several of the same item, like 3 tubes of the […]

Selling on Amazon FBA vs. MF: Pros & Cons for Amazon Merchants

Interested in selling on Amazon, but not sure how it all works?  Maybe you have heard of FBA and want to know more about what that means exactly.  Private merchants who sell on Amazon are referred to as ‘3rd party merchants’ and among them there are two distinct methods of selling. MF = Merchant Fulfilled, […]

Amazon FBA: Selling Grocery and Replenishables

After selling mostly media when I first began selling Amazon FBA, I began experimenting with selling some replenishable grocery items.  Some call this the Holy Grail of FBA, for replenishables can earn income for a lot less work.  Many aspects of this are tricky, but it is certainly worth the time to learn. Replenishable items are […]

Learning Resources for Amazon FBA Sellers

New to being an FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) merchant on Amazon?   Here you will find links to helpful resources for those new to selling on Amazon as a merchant using the FBA Selling Program.   I collect helpful links for FBA sellers here and update them whe I can. More posts about selling FBA listed […]

FBA Shipping to Multiple Amazon Fulfillment Centers

Amazon FCs (Fulfillment Centers) are insanely busy places. The US has Amazon FC warehouses in at least 14 states and this grows all the time. As a seller, each of your items will be directed to a certain warehouse within the listing process, and quite often the items will be directed to ship to multiple […]