The Diary of an Elevator Speech Dropout

If you don’t have a polished ‘elevator pitch’ you might feel like the odd one out at a traditional networking event. When asked, “What do you do for a living?” do you have a ready answer? A quick ‘elevator speech’ that’s clear and concise? A well composed elevator speech might have the moxie to hit […]

Think Before You Link to Squeeze Pages: Infographic

Think Before You Link!

Confused why EZine Articles is “cracking down” on linking to a Squeeze Page? Here’s why ezine articles allows some squeeze page links and not others. They say that in order for a squeeze page link to be allowed, it must be designed with the user in mind and contain key elements of value to build […]

Two Ways Ghostwriting Can Benefit the Online Entrepreneur

Networks work!

Those who navigate the time-sucking vortex of internet marketing know the frustrations. Even after some solid successes, maybe you’ve found that the income is usually sporadic while the bills continue to roll in monthly like clockwork. Ghostwriting can be a perfect vehicle for the online freelancer as an honest way to earn while you learn […]

Affiliate Marketing Strategy

What is affiliate marketing? Put simply, it’s like being the middle man between buyers and sellers. You recommend products or services, and if visitors click through those links and buy, then you earn a stipend for that sale. WIN-WIN! The customer is happy to have found a product or service to fulfill a need. The […]

Creating Compelling Content: Infographic

Ever rack your brain about topics for content on your blog? Most bloggers do suffer from writer’s block now and then. Maybe you feel the pressure to whip out a blog post and feel caught in a crossfire. Consider investing time to ‘sharpen the saw’ when it comes to the crucial skill of content marketing. […]

Copywriting, Keywords and SEO: Is Keyword Research Dead?

If you’ve invested in website keyword research strategy, recent changes made by Google might feel like a direct hit.   Search engines fluctuate over time and yet strategies for learning how to write using keywords for SEO have been popular and effective for getting organic traffic.   The recent Google change in search engine algorithms  is no small fluctuation. […]