Bundling Inventory on the River: UPC Codes & FBA Sales

amazon.FBA.solosparkNeed to know how to create UPC codes for selling bundles of inventory on Amazon?  Rather than selling one item at a time, there are many advantages to listing bundles or multipacks of items for sale on Amazon.

A multipack is simply a listing for several of the same item, like 3 tubes of the exact same toothpaste.  As a seller, this is simpler than selling each one individually.  Also in the end the seller will not lose as much profit margin to Amazon in fees.  You do NOT need UPC bar codes to sell multipacks.

A bundle is a listing that includes several items that are not the same, but are similar or compliment each other.   Themed gift baskets are one example of a product bundle.  Another idea by Skip McGrath was to bundle a set of knives with a knife sharpener.  Bundles have all the same advantages of the multipacks above, but also have the big advantage of racing past the competition of other sellers on Amazon by grabbing the ‘Buy Box’.

You only need UPC numbers if you’re going to bundle items or send in something original that doesn’t have a UPC.  Creating a bundled product requires that the seller create a UPC bar code in order to enter it into the Amazon catalog system.

It is best to buy these codes from a reputable and certified dealer, not a middle man or reseller.  Fortunately I found a good source on eBay direct from other online sellers’ referrals.  I mentioned that I was doing this the first time and this seller even took the time to explain in detail how to use them.

Amazon Registration is automatic

Use one code per item variation (color, size, etc.) This means if you sell 3 colors of hats in each of 3 sizes you will have 9 variations and will require 9 UPC codes.  In the US, enter the UPC 12-digit code into the UPC field and make certain when you cut and paste the numbers that there are no spaces before or after the number. You do not need the barcode graphics on the product – all you need are the numbers so you can create the listings.

After we sell the UPC/EAN code to you, when you “list” your products on Amazon, the UPC/ EAN number that YOU select for eachproduct connects in the Amazon database to the Amazon # ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) which they assign to eachproduct listed on Amazon. Once you use the codes on Amazon they are permanently associated with your product’s ASIN # and have “defacto” registration, meaning no on else can use them.

Most important is that Google (& Yahoo, etc.) will pick up the UPC feed from Amazon and associate the UPC/EAN# with your company and your product.  Please don’t hesitate to email me more questions.

That message above was sent in response to mine the day I bought UPC codes the first time.  I’d call THAT excellent customer service!  I suggest you go directly to THIS source and get UPCs from Matthew at Leading Edge Code.

The purchase message arrives with four attachments:  1) the codes themselves 2) certificate of ownership 3) notes about graphic images on bar codes (not usually needed) and 4) explation of the anatomy of a barcode.
Your UPC codes can be imported into a spreadsheet or saved in another program like Evernote.   As you use each code, copy/paste the SKU of the item you used it for into the column next to it.   That way you can easily keep track of which codes you have used and what is left.
Using the codes on inventory:


Understanding Codes for FBA Sales

There are so many different types of codes that often sellers get confused at this stage.  The bar code is the one your print on a label and attach to your item.  The UPC code is different – instead of printing it, copy/paste and enter in the box at the very bottom of the first page in Amazon Seller Central within the listing process.

Copy and paste the UPC code in the box you see in the image above.   The place to enter the UPC code is shown in the screen shot on left.

 Make sense?  Stay tuned…
Also I’d have been lost forever in the confusion of learning the process of listing and selling without the FBA training that became a turning point for me.


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    • Carolan Ross says

      Definitely must attach barcodes to the product, usually covering current bar code if there is one.

  1. Roberta says

    I am confused over purchased barcode that is purchased for a bundle and the FBA label. Where is each individual label placed? I know one is placed over the original barcode but where is the purchased barcode and the FBA label placed? There are two different labels created but how and where are they used. Does the purchased barcode even go over the original barcode?? Really confused. Thanks for any help

  2. Carolan Ross says

    Roberta I just added the answer to your question in this post (above) along with an image. You copy and paste the UPC code into the listing itself while creating it in Amazon Seller Central (no need to print it). Bottom of first page – enter in box – see image above.

    SO many questions like this come up because there are so very many processes, codes and methods. Amazon policies tend to change over time too. I explain some here but I do not even try to recreate the wheel because everything is explained in the training I used, everything – including a private place to ask questions 24-7. I’d have been completely lost without it, a real turning point..

    I’ve done a few different trainings. Read about the one I consider to be best Amazon FBA Training here.


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