Why Bernie Sanders for US President 2016?

Bernie Sanders has sparked a loyal following quickly among Americans despite his bold stance on controversial issues in the US.  He boldly confronts corporate bernie.sanders.prescorruption from billionaire bakers and Wall Street and many Americans are cheering that action.    Many in the U.S. have been fed up with corruption for so long, and find his bold stance and honesty as a politician to be just the ticket needed in the US.

While mainstream media sources mostly ignore him as a Democratic candidate running against Hillary Clinton, his social media campaigns appear to be having a far-reaching impact.  Indeed he is drastically different from Hillary in many ways, even though both are running as Democrats.

I confess to have become somewhat of a “political athiest” until Bernie Sanders arrived on the scene.  Some say they were ready to back Hillary until Bernie showed up.  I can’t say I felt that way even though I was raised a Democrat.  Even though I’d love to see a female president one day, did not trust Hillary and only saw her as maybe another ‘lesser than two evils’ candidate – maybe.  Still it seems we’ve come to a time when Dems and GOPs are just two wings on the same bird – as blind puppets for billionaire corporations.  And greed.

Bernie’s campaign has quickly gained steam as he draws record crowds for speeches and debates, not just in his home state of Vermont either.  Record crowds formed to applaud Bernie in states such as Iowa, Colorado and Wisconsin.  The best was a draw of about 10,000 people to see Bernie in Madison, WI in late June 2015, a record-breaking crowd.  GO MadTown!  History in the making there, that night gave me chills!

Where Bernie Sanders Stands on Ten Big Issues

1. Too Big to Fail – Sanders intends to break up the largest bank corporations in the US.

“If a financial institution is too big to fail, it is too big to exist” 

“WALL Street is clearly the most profitable force on Capital Hill!  … People have the mistaken impression that Congress regulates Wall Street.  The real truth is that Wall Street regulates Congress!”  ~ Bernie Sanders

THIS issue might be considered THE most important of all, because without breaking up the power of corporations, Wall Street and other billionaires who thrive on greed and corruption, we do not have the foundation to address other issues.  This list of campaign donations below illustrates such clearly.


2. Growing Income Inequality
Sanders describes himself as a democratic socialist, however he heavily supports free-market capitalism.  Concern over the erosion of the American middle-class drives this stance.   Growing income inequality and the decline of spending power by the middle class is a top issue.

“We got a collapsing middle class … We have more wealth and income inequality today than we’ve had since the 1920s…You have to bring people together who may not agree on every issue… but who understand that the middle class is collapsing and we are moving toward an oligarchic form of society, where the billionaires will control the economy and the political life of this country.”   ~ Senator Bernie Sanders

“At a time when we have massive wealth and income inequality and when corporate profits are soaring, it is an outrage that many large, profitable corporations not only paid nothing in federal income taxes last year but actually received a rebate from the IRS,”   ~ Sen. Bernie Sanders

3. Healthcare Reform
Millions of Americans still lack health insurance.  Sanders wants the U.S. establish a nationwide, government-operated single-payer system like Sweden, Italy, Spain and other European countries.  “The goal of real healthcare reform must be high quality universal coverage in a cost-effective way.”  ~ Bernie Sanders

4. Crippling Student Loan Debt and the High Cost of College Tuition
Sanders strives to make public colleges and universities tuition-free for students who maintain a certain grade-point average.   Part of that plan is to pay for it by taxing high-volume stock trades.  “Education should be a right, not a privilege.”  ~ Bernie Sanders

6. Against the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) 
Sanders denounced the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) as abysmal failures.   They have encouraged corporations to shut down U.S. businesses and move American jobs to low-wage countries.  The TPP would only accelerate this “race to the bottom” and be a disaster for Americans.

Huge pressure to pass TOO ensued under severe secrecy.  WHY fast track?  And WHY such secrecy?  Indeed WHY!

 Learn more about the TPP in this simplified explanation of a complicated agreement, one that is claimed to be about trade, but was actually about more corporate control worldwide with no regulations nor accountability.  The TPP is the maybe THE most deadly controversial and secretive legislation you never knew about.

5. Raising the Minimum Wage
Sanders has said a $15 an hour minimum wage would be reasonable.  “Our current minimum…is a poverty wage.  Nobody who works 40 hours a week should be living in poverty.” ~ Bernie Sanders

6. Protecting Social Security and MedicareSScutsVScorruption

Sanders has made no bones about his belief that the U.S. should be expanding Social Security and Medicare- NOT making cuts.  Do you realize the numbers of CEOs who earn multi-BILLIONS and yet do not pay a dime in taxes? AND they get huge tax “refunds” (pay-offs).  This amounts to a monumental amount of money that does not come remotely close to what is currently spent on social programs like Social Security or Medicare.

“We have millions of seniors struggling … I will not accept cutting Social Security.”  ~ Bernie Sanders

7. End the Iraq War  “Two wars are enough. Let’s come home and address our serious problems.  If you cannot afford to take care of veterans, then don’t send them to war.” ~ Bernie Sanders


Bernie Sanders agrees! Citizens United would give even MORE power to billionaires to buy elections and control legislation. Stop lobbyists and pay-offs for votes and huge campaign contributions.

8. Against Lobbying, PAC and Citizens United

“Citizens United”  may SOUND like a nice phrase however it is highly controversial.  It refers to a Political Action Committee (PAC) and also refers to a Supreme Court case about election spending.   Both are at the center of a debate over the roles and rights of corporations.

Sanders and other opponents believe that Citizens United gives corporations and their lobbyists FAR too much power and that their campaign contributions are inethical.  While Bernie refuses to even talk with lobbyists nor accept their money, Hillary’s campaign manager is a former Monsanto lobbyist.  HUGE difference!

9. Rebuilding the U.S.’ Decaying Infrastructure

Sander calls for $1 trillion in infrastructure spending over the course of five years to repair roads, bridges etc. in the US.  “Millions are unemployed and our roadHe is against the Keystone Pipelines and bridges are falling apart.  If we can spend 6 trillion sending people to war we can spend 1 trillion repairing our crumbling infrastructure.”

10.  Bernie Sanders is pro union.  Much of his campaign support comes from unions – not corporations.  Bernie will not accept money from corporations,  He is NOT FOR SALE!

“If Senator Sanders is a crackpot, then so are the majority of Americans.”  ~ Bill Moyer  frankly.berniesanders.lol.solospark.300

More about Bernie…

Senator Sanders introduced a bill to prohibit offshore drilling in 2010.  He is against the Keystone Pipeline – which would bring tar sands oil from Canada to refineries on the Gulf Coast for export.  EXPORT!  Yes, no benefit to Americans here.

He speaks of common sense gun control which would change little for law abiding gun owners.   He speaks of enforcing strict background checks and wants to ban assault weapons.  Some media sources CLAIM that Bernie wants to ban self-defense weapons, however this is NOT true at all.

Bernie is for marriage and pay equality.  He is for states requiring labeling regarding GMO’s.  He wants to stop fracking and is a friend to Labor.  He wants to end Glass Steagall, the Iraq War, the Patriot Act, and the Bank Bailout.

More about Bernie on tough issues, including gun control and democratic socialism

Guide to Bernie Sanders

When elected, who Bernie Sander’s Cabinet might include – “My cabinet would not be dominated by representatives of Wall Street,” Sanders said on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “I think Wall Street’s played a horrendous role in recent years, in negatively impacting our economy and in making the rich richer. There are a lot of great public servants out there, great economists who for years have been standing up for the middle class and the working families of this country.” ~ Bernie Sanders

Senator Sanders is an honest and hard-working Senator with much more knowledge and integrity than most.   His whole lifetime voting record has been on the side of workers, unions, the poor and the middle class consistently.  It’s time for a people’s president.

“If you don’t STAND for something, you will FALL for anything.”

I STAND for Bernie Sanders!  YOU?




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Confidence in Bernie winning the democratic nomination grow in leaps and bounds daily.  Some say that should Hillary be named, they’d vote for her over anyone in the GOP.  Still another view is that there’s very little difference between the GOP and Hillary Clinton, and that America would be in the same boat either way.  Many feel that Bernie Sanders is our ONLY hope to take back America.

If  you feel same, join those who have pledged to write in Bernie Sanders in the general election below, regardless of the outcome of the primaries.

Pledge to vote for Bernie!

Bernie Sanders has been pretty much ignored by the corporate owned mainstream media sources (meaning most of them) however he can be found on some alternative news sources and has a HUGE and active presence all across social media.  His presence is particularly strong on Facebook and Reddit.  Of particularr interest on Reddit is Bernie Sanders’ AMA (Ask Me Anything) page where he engages directly with over 8,774,623 subscribers.


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