Amazon FBA Sales Training with the PAC from Jim Cockrum

The PAC (Proven Amazon Course) was designed by Jim Cockrum as the first training program ever published for those wishing to sell on Amazon.  Cockrum has been highly respected online for many decades with a strong following.

The PAC includes input from a wide variety of successful Amazon merchants.  You’ll find a wide variety of media formats including podcasts, video and screenshots.


The PAC has become an extremely comprehensive resource for Amazon sellers, so huge that it would take many hours to review the entire thing.  It took me the better part of a month to finally view it all.

Learning modules are split among specific categories, allowing one to skip past some based on personal needs and desires.  For example, if the international sales is not an initial intent – one might skip that modules and come back to it at a later date.

Pricing for the PAC training ($299.) has not increased, even though much has been added to the course over the years.  Now and then the course is offered at a 50% off discount, generally in December.

The PAC includes access to a private facebook group for support and questions.  This group is quite active with daily input from Amazon sellers all over the world.  The group itself serves as a valuable learning resource.  Questions generally get attention and responses quickly.

New modules have been added to the PAC over the years, including topics such as:amazon.FBA.solospark

  • creating and selling private label products via Amazon
  • securing wholesale accounts
  • import/export sales from China

Possible concerns with the PAC:

While the PAC course is said to be appropriate for beginners, some newbies at Amazon sales find the huge amount of input from various people overwhelming and difficult to follow. While the input is separated into categories, each one includes perspectives from a variety of Amazon merchants.   Different perspectives among various merchants can certainly can be helpful, since different approaches and work processes do apply.   Yet some might prefer the clarity of a more step-by-step approach from a more predictable format, as well as training from the same person rather than from many different presentation styles.

Some find that rather than create an actual sequential step-by-step course, that the PAC is more of a congolmeration of assorted input from many ‘gurus’ thrown together and offered as one course.  Also while much has been added, updates appear not to be given much attention and so one might feel confused given many Amazon policy changes.

Strengths of the PAC:

The biggest advantage of the PAC over other Amazon sales trainings would be for those outside the US, since it includes presentations from many merchants who sell quite successfully through Amazon FBA from countries all over the world.

Those in any location with a primary goal to establish connections with Chinese merchants for wholesale might prefer the PAC over other trainings.  Many successful merchants who run businesses this way share their strategies within the PAC.  This includes methods for shipping direct to a prepping facility to process inventory so that the merchant does not ever actually handle the inventory personally.

Access to the PAC also includes access to Jim Cockrum’s “My Silent Team” private site.  Amazon sales is one of multiple streams of income supported at this site, so PAC students have access to learning about some of these other streams from proven successful business owners.

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