SoloSpark aspires to raise awareness about individuals and ideas that make a positive difference in the world.  With huge kudos to those with the courage to think outside the box, we venture outside traditional paths together.

We support solo startup microbiz builders, often with particular focus on introverts and highly sensitive rebels.   Are you one who works from a home office, have no employees and do most of your business on the internet?  Or one who WANTS to do that?  It’s a highly misunderstood population and a lifestyle with both huge benefits and huge challenges .

Many solos are writers or artists, right brained creatives who tend to be loners and quiet rebels.  Solopreneurs need networks, a tribe of people who ‘get’ the lifestyle of a solo. Consider SoloSpark mindset, inspiration and microbiz fuel – a personal GPS system to spark growth and help you to Shine Online!


The aim is to smooth the road and inject your journey with smarts and perspective as a solopreneur.   Learn ways to create your own copy and images that spark!  Solospark serves helpful doses of focus food as you build an online business system of integrity and then power it up.

If you are just starting out, it’s about getting your hands on the right tools and strategies, but it’s also about mastering the mindset and habits of a successful solopreneur lifestyle.   No one is an expert at every single step of having an online business.   You will need support along the journey.  Networks WORK.

Networks work!

Don’t wait. Collaborate!

Want to improve your own copywriting?  Be inspired and energized?  Get organized and focused?

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About Carolan

Writer, artist, former teacher, photographer, optiMYSTIC skeptic, internet marketer, solopreneur, aging hippie chick, mom of two grown ‘boys’ and introverted right-brain creativity activist & rebel misfit.

I like to do usual stuff like traveling, decorating, gardening, and over thinking – all with a bit of whimsy and a twisted sense of humor. I’m addicted to words, get my fix daily with chronic reading and writing. I think a lot about what I want to be when I grow up, top two choices being either Tinkerbell or Betty White.  *wink*

carolanross.onlineI was a classroom teacher for most of my adult life. When my sons were infants in the mid 1990s, I left teaching full-time and began learning ways to work from home and to make money online. They are grown now as that was nearly two decades ago, but the passion for ecommerce as a solo remains strong as ever.

Along that journey I ran several small businesses, and most were in some way connected to internet marketing.  I was an antique dealer for awhile – sold collectibles on eBay and in several local antique malls.  For about five years I ran an independent travel agency called Viva Vacations, using the booking systems of an agency partner but working from a home office.   I’ve been a rep for nutrition and wellness companies and still use many of those products though I don’t sell them anymore.

I began publishing online articles and product reviews, and applied some affiliate marketing, SEO copywriting and using keyword research to find hot niche markets. One of the tough lessons was letting go of being a digital sharecropper – to develop my own site rather than risk the many potential problems with developing content on free web platforms.

Life has changed a lot since those early years…my sons have grown taller than me, for one thing. I’m now divorced and spend most of my time with my computer and my dog, Katie. A much quieter lifestyle and a ton of experience online has led me to focus mainly online right here where you are, at SoloSpark. kate.text.jpg

While I’ve published online for many years, I’d put off learning WordPress. That journey toward SoloSpark is a culmination of a couple of decades of working online from a home office, en entrepreneur certainly – but more specifically – a solopreneur. I know that lifestyle of a solo well and feel a special kinship with other solos so strong that I devote my main focus there, ergo SoloSpark.

When I consider my strengths I know that selling was never one of them. While sales does not come naturally to me, teaching and empathy DO. I can naturally put myself in others’ shoes, and love everything about teaching and learning. I look forward to creating my own webinars in the future.  Meanwhile I share those that have helped me most.

“The best teachers show you where to look, but not what to see.”

It doesn’t matter a lot what your particular business niche might be.  That will be different for each person, so only you know what you will see in the end. It’s about getting there with integrity, the strategy to ‘make it happen’ with as few dead-ends as possible.

Growth is an art.  Let's START!

Growth is an art. Let’s START!


You might not even be sure which direction you
want to GO yet. All OK.
You do not have to have it all figured out.
Just move forward!

As Marie Ferleo says,
“Everthing is figure-outable!”

It’s TIME to SHINE online!

Let’s get started.





Carolan Ross

CFO(Chief Fun Officer) at SoloSpark
Freelance writer, creative soul, solopreneur and former teacher who networks with rebels, visionaries, artists and other square pegs in round holes. I support solopreneurs with copywriting and juggling life and business to SHINE ONLINE!


  1. Mel says

    Hi Carolan:

    I looked over your web site and it is refreshing on how you present it. Not only is it well worded but you added some unique sayings of your own which makes it stand out. I am pretty new at this marketing thing and hope to make it. By the way, I tried to enter my name and email to your membership but I only got a 404 not found page. Is something working wrong with the links? At least I bookmarked your site and try another time.

    Good luck.

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