10 Ways to Create a Pure White Background for Product Images

background.images.keyIf you sell products online, great images are critical to sales.  Buyers are highly influenced by quality images, and more than one is even better.  Wise sellers will provide a pure white background for product images, and that means more than simply just taking a pic of the item in front of a white wall or white paper.

Of course, a white background is way better than a distracting one.  Some sellers just take photos in front of white paper or a white wall.  However unless you have some really good photo equipment for this, two things will happen:  shadows and low pixels.  Neither look professional.  The shadows can be distracting and the low pixels prevent the customer from zooming in for a closer look.

Buyers expect to be able to zoom in on really good images and if not may buy elsewhere.  Pixel size is not same as file size on an image.  The 1000 pixel size on the image allows it to be enlarged online for closer views.    Amazon requires this (though many sellers don’t do it) while eBay does not.  Still you’d be wise to use one of the methods included here for a pure while background on your product images.

Below are options for those who do not have PhotoShop or advanced camera and studio equipment to create better product images.  Some are free and those that do cost are very inexpensive.  Some are services that you send the image and they fix and return, while others provide formats for you to upload your image and edit it yourself.

This question about how to create a pure white background tends to get asked repeatedly by newer sellers.  I  collected this list from online input on various networks.  I have not used all of them yet, but found good results from the first 3 in the list below.

How to edit product images for a pure white background:

Done For You – You might be wise to have professionals edit your pics, especially really important images.  Most have about a 24 hour wait.  Send or upload your image and get it back the next day.  It’s not expensive, but losing sales due to poor images might be.

  1. removethebackground.com  1st rate images for only $1.45 per picture.  They DO return the 1000 pixel image size and your 1st 3 images are free.  Up to 24 hour waitfor image returned by email.
  2. fiverr – Similar to above, done for you service, 3-5 images for $5.  You pick from a list of designers there, most have 24 hour turn around.  Pricing varies among designers, one image for about $1-2.
  3. PhotoShopIt  Done for you service, 75 cents per image

Do It Yourself – If you will need a lot of images and prefer not having to wait 24 hours, one of the options below may be best.  Learn to use one of the options below and you can create professional product images immediately, as many as you like.

  1. fotofuze – Free version offered, you upload and do it yourself.  However it does not return the pixel size required on Amazon (cannot zoom in).  To get the 1000+ pixel size, use the paid version for only one dollar per month.
  2. Snag It (Techsmith) 2 week free trial
  3. Bling It (Vertus Tech) simple to use and has a setting for amazon specifications
  4. Clipping Magic Allows you to edit your own images, 3 levels of monthly fees starting at $4/month.
  5. Paint or GetPaint.com is a a more stripped down version of Photoshop yet robust.  Free.
  6. Gimp Sort of a free version of PhotoShop.  Some rave about it, others find it difficult.  Free.

Do you  have a favorite method or service to create product images?  If you know more about any of the services about from personal experience, that information is quite welcome, too.  Please comment below.  Thanks.









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